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In what ways and due to which factors do migrants experiences of home change when they leave their homelands - Essay Example

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As of the 6th of November 2013, the Office for National Statistics reported that the net migration in UK is expected to increase 0.8 million (Office for National Statistics, 2013). Based on the 2012 statistical data, the net migration in the United Kingdom has reached a total of…
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In what ways and due to which factors do migrants experiences of home change when they leave their homelands
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"In what ways and due to which factors do migrants experiences of home change when they leave their homelands"

Download file to see previous pages figures, the World Bank (2014) reported that the 900,000 net migration in the United Kingdom is significantly lower as compared to the 5,000,002 net migration in the United States.
Each person has their own reasons for migrating to another place or another country (Bailey, 2008, p. 3). Among the common reasons for migrating are better work or employment opportunities (Parutis, 2014; Dako-Gyeke, 2013; Appave, 2008, p. 151; Bean, Gonzalez-Baker and Capps, 2001, pp. 669 - 703), adoption, marriage, retirement, or the need to accompany ageing parents (Appave, 2008, p. 151; Wray and Bartholomew, 2006). Specifically the main purpose of this essay is to discuss the migrants’ experiences of homeland change when they move abroad, and identify all factors that encourage migrants to leave their homelands. As part of going through discussion, the main purpose of this essay will be applied in the case of the United Kingdom and the United States.
In general, people’s experiences of their homeland change when they move abroad differ from one another. In most cases, the race and cultural identity of migrants tend to have strong effects on their overall experiences when they move abroad (Silva, 2009; Valdivia et al., 2008). In relation to homeland change, some immigrants may experience “cultural displacement” (Malkki, 1992, p. 25). It means that the cultural practices or religious beliefs of the immigrants tend to be totally different from the cultural practice or religious belief that is commonly being practiced by people who live in the country where they have decided to move. Even though there are some migrants who end up having a better life when they move to either the United States or the United Kingdom, some migrants may have a bad experience particularly with regard to cultural adjustment (Dako-Gyeke, 2013; Gupta and Ferguson, 1992). For example, when migrants move to either the United Kingdom or United States, it is expected that these people would experience ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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