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Research Paper: Examine oppression and or anti-oppressive practices as it relates to new immigrants - Essay Example

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Oppression Author Institution Introduction Every year, immigrants, asylum seekers, and refugees cross the United States boarders, and the number continues to increase every day. The main challenge is that persons moving into the United States do not automatically adapt to the US culture…
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Research Paper: Examine oppression and or anti-oppressive practices as it relates to new immigrants
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, the experts should be aware that immigrants are faced with the challenge of duality of cultures and must operate with the standards and expectations, but it usually cause conflicts (Balgopal, 2000). The norm in the US is to group immigrants and refugees together. Despite the fact that refugees are immigrants and are able to acquire the status of immigrants after a year of stay in the US, the psychosocial profile of many refugees varies greatly with that of majority of immigrants. For immigrants, moving into the US is by personal will, and many are usually attracted by the living standards in the US. At times, some of the immigrants carry with them some of their assets while the rest are left at home. Without considering the reason for migrating into the US, moving into the US may seem preferable, but the move may turn to be dangerous or traumatic (Balgopal, 2000). In the case of refugees, the decision to move into the US is usually influenced by conflicts in their homelands. However, the US is not usually the first country of visit, but instead prefers to move to countries bordering their homeland, and then later migrate to the US. There are guidelines that outline how refugees are going to be resettled in the host country. ...
In the recent times, disproportionately high numbers of immigrants into the United States has been ethnic minorities from South America, Asia, and Africa. The majority of the immigrants make the US their permanent residence. Adjusting to a different society causes significant difficulties to many immigrants. Other than difficulties in adapting to the new society, acts of xenophobia are prevalent among people living in the United States. This phenomenon leads to the emergence of conflicts towards the newcomers (Lim & Wieling, 2004). Overtime, trends of immigration have changed significantly since the 20th century and still continue to change to date. Despite the numerous improvements on immigration laws, most immigrants continue to suffer from discrimination and oppression in their host countries. For a long time, immigrants have been denied fair treatment in host countries due to their skin color, accent, and at times due to the clothes they wear. Despite the many challenges, lack of resources, and discrimination within institutions, most immigrants continue to stay in the host country, establish a living, and bring up their children in such countries. The most surprising thing is that many people continue to feel that the United States has more opportunities and freedom without considering the cultural conflicts, marginalization, language challenges they are likely to face once they migrate to the US (Balgopal, 2000). Gaining cultural competency As mentioned earlier, persons responsible for handling immigrants must have an understanding of the immigrant’s culture and the immigration experience. In relation to this requirement, the experts should identify the reasons why the immigrants left their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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