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Social Work, Values and Ethics: Society is Structured in Ways that Result in Certain Groups being Privileged Over Others - Essay Example

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This paper talks that the UK government in recognition to distinct challenges facing refugee, it funds the national Refugee Integration and Employment Service through the Home Office. The UK government in 2005 launched a strategy to increase race equality, improve opportunity and strengthen society. …
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Social Work, Values and Ethics: Society is Structured in Ways that Result in Certain Groups being Privileged Over Others
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Extract of sample "Social Work, Values and Ethics: Society is Structured in Ways that Result in Certain Groups being Privileged Over Others"

Download file to see previous pages This report declares that the equality strategies and schemes form an equality sector where refugees’ inclusion occurs in UK. The public bodies in UK integrate refugees in their race equality policies and scheme. The Audit Commission in UK, for example, views a person asylum status as a characteristic for consideration in assessing the impact of policy change on race equality. Islington Local Authority integrates refugee through equality work such as collecting data on the number of refugee in an area. The Commission for Race Equality recommends school to consider the impact of policies on the refugee learners.
This discussion stresses that the exercise of power in society has its basis on the individual’s discrimination and oppression. Unfairness and inequality constitutes discrimination. Different groups in society require that Power be exercised differently. The exercise of power is in such a way that there are fewer opportunities, fewer resources, less protection and fewer rights available for a group than powerful or high status group. Oppression is worse than discrimination as it involves a lower evaluation of the worth of groups or individuals, a rejection, exclusion from valued social roles and even denial of their right to existence. Discrimination and oppression have an association with human beings trait and individuals that perceive them as different. Both discrimination and oppression have a basis on prejudice, stereotypes, myths and a lack of empathy and understanding. (Nzira & Williams 2009, p. 4). What causes discrimination? Discrimination has its roots from the prejudice or assumptions held towards certain individuals or groups in society. The prejudice originates from negative stereotypes about individuals or groups that dominate an individual’s perception preventing a balanced perception. Stereotypes are difficult to change and fixed, thus reflecting a strong belief system which persists even when facts are illogical. The individuals expressing prejudice select certain information to support their views and ignore other information about the group or individual with which they have negative stereotypes. Prejudice alone cannot cause harm, but can become discriminatory when behavior towards an individual has its basis on prejudice. Many groups suffer discrimination at different times and in different places of the world. The target groups of discrimination change or develop with time. The target groups include women and girls, older people, cultural and ethnic minorities. In UK, discriminative behavior is common among the asylum seekers in UK (Kay 2005, p. 195-197). Types of discrimination Discrimination can be direct or indirect. Direct discrimination is open and manifests itself. Indirect discrimination is unequal treatment that does not manifest itself clear at first. Discrimination can be based on religious belief, gender, disability, culture, health status and cognitive ability. It can also be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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