BA Social work - Values and ethics - Essay Example

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Social workers often work with children of different backgrounds and with different kind of needs and problems. Identification of these problems is one of the major issues involves ethical dilemma. At…
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BA Social work - Values and ethics
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Download file to see previous pages The working conditions and cases handled are usually very different for each case of social work. Ethical dilemma arises when the right answer to any course of action is not obvious i.e. it can be in child services to differentiate between vulnerable and exploited child. There are also some situations where the individual need of a child is overlooked over the other issues. The same was the case of Victoria Climbie, where her needs were overlooked over the housing requirement of her aunt and murderer. There may be values which contradict with each other.
This theory is based upon the consequences of any particular activity. In this the net benefit resulting from any act or policy is calculated. It is based on the happiness or unhappiness a person gets from the consequences of any particular policy which is rather a difficult task. It depends upon individuals’ ability to think of consequences. It leads to lots of uncertainty in the complex situations. This theory can be utilised in the simpler issues. It can be understood by the example of Victoria Climbie case inquiry. Anonymous call was made to inform Brent Social Services for the bad condition of the child. If Brent Services had responded in time and handled the case properly with the view of the worst consequences (which happened later) may be Victoria Climbie would have saved.
This theory was developed as a criticism of consequentialist theory. Consequentialist theory emphasis more on the end means that are consequences. This theory states that means which are leading to those consequences are equally important. The means have got moral importance. 18th Century Immanuel Kant had explained the theory, placing the emphasis on the duties and rules. He explained with simple examples like ignoring rules like ‘do not lie’, ‘keep promises’ and others will have bad consequences. This theory can also be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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BA Social Work - Values and Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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