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Social Work: Ethics and Values Name: Institution: Date: Introduction Codes of ethics are regulations used to guide behaviors of professionals in an organization, which are written or documented. Counseling profession involves dealing with some crucial information that needs to be confidential…
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Social Work: Ethics and Values Paper
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Download file to see previous pages They are important since practitioners use them to resolve ethical dilemmas, define responsibilities of social workers. These workers can also use the principles and ethics to develop problem-solving strategies and improve decision-making skills. Case study 1: “Mellissa’s HIV diagnosis” Principles and standard codes of ethics Social workers can apply principles and standard codes of ethics in this case. This is a situation involves the other party losing. Mellissa’s fiance is not aware of what is about to unfold and he becomes a point of reference for the counselor. The therapist is obliged to select the best principles and standards of codes of ethics to help the client (Walsh, 2008). This research paper recommends the use of ethical responsibility to clients, self-determination, and informed consent as the best principles and codes of ethics to decide on this case (Cournoyer, 2010). The social worker should look at the implications of Melissa’s decision to her fiance. She gives crucial information about their relationship that the professional must treat carefully. On the other hand, any slight mistake by the counselor may hurt her. She states clearly that the worst that can happen is seeing the fiance walk away from her because of her condition. The paragraphs below explain why these principles best suits the scenario. Ethical responsibility to clients People who seek counseling services expect professionals to have ethical responsibilities (Dolgoff, Loewenberg & Harrington, 2011). The counselor must be responsible for any he or she does or says. The HIV scenario requires that the therapist must Melissa with respect. In most countries, those who live with the conditions receive unfair treatment. The worker should avoid stereotyping the client due to her condition and what she is about to do. This means that commitment to clients forms the center stage. Privacy and confidentiality are equally important. The client, Melissa has disclosed her status. The counselor should treat it very confidential and keep it a secret between them. Ethics goes along with people’s culture. The counselor should embrace cultural competence and ensure that social diversity exists in the office. While giving advice, matters to deal with religion and culture should never be concentrated on (Kirk-Ashman, 2013). Most important is the client’s backgrounds which should not be looked down upon in any way. The language used should also be very polite. Self-determination This principle focuses on helping the client at the counseling session (Kirk-Ashman & Hull, 2010). After listening to client’s side of the story, he or she should give available options. A variety of options help the client to choose from among the best. On the other hand, the counselor should give consequences of each option. The session should be very involving such that both client and the worker take part in defining the options (Dolgoff, Loewenberg & Harrington, 2011). It makes the whole process credible since the client has alternatives. The client does evaluation of alternatives. However, the therapist can go an extra mile of assisting individuals evaluate each option. The client can also make a decision, which helps the worker to know the type of individual that seeks help. The professional is encouraged to allow room for decision making among the clients. It helps bridge the gap between the client and the therapist. Informed consent Informed consent is another code of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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