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Culture Values and Ethics in Social Work - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment "Culture Values and Ethics in Social Work" touch upon the idea of ethics in human services. According to the text, the mission is to provide opportunities for all humans to unburden, relieve and cast away their mental and psychological burdens…
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Culture Values and Ethics in Social Work
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Extract of sample "Culture Values and Ethics in Social Work"

Mission, Vision, Values, and Ethics Statements
Mission Statement
To provide opportunities for all humans to unburden, relieve and cast away their mental, emotional and psychological burdens, through the provision of humanitarian services that promotes the dignity of the downtrodden. The agency is guided by the need to give support, strengthen and empower all humans who may have been denied a dignified chance to life, regardless of the nature of their humanitarian needs and without due regard to their background, age, race, sex, religion, culture or sexual orientation. We at Humanitarian agency value human dignity and acknowledge the right of every human to live a dignified life, without being deterred by social or economic circumstances, that all humans may realize their destiny.
Vision Statement
The agency will be the most accommodative, welcoming and friendly human services agency of our time, which will offer humanitarian services indiscriminately to all people who needs them most.
Value Statement
This agency recognizes that achieving dignity for all humans requires embracing diversity; that all humans may have an opportunity to express themselves to the fullest, without being limited by their age, gender, religion, culture, status, background or sexual orientation. This agency commits to embracing inclusiveness of all humans and their diverse needs with dignity, respect and compassion.
Ethical Statement
The safety, privacy and dignity of our clients stands as the basis of our interaction with all people, whether potential clients or anyone else in need of human services assistance. While understanding that the motive behind any business is to earn profitability, the economic inadequacy of any human in need shall never stand in our way to offer the most deserved humanitarian services to all people, without discrimination on whatever basis. The human services standards provide that the privacy and confidentiality of all clients shall be observed at all times, while seeking informed consent from the client before engagement in the duty of a human services practitioner (NOHS, 2015). Therefore, this agency commits to respecting the rights of the clients to engage and disengage with the agency at any stage, and at will. Human service practitioners should recognize the vulnerability of clients in need for emotional, psychological or mental interventions, and desist from taking advantage of such vulnerabilities (Manning, 2003). Thus, this agency commits to treat every client with dignity, while desisting from engaging in any act that may cause or increase harm to the clients or exploit their vulnerable situation. The agency recognizes that human services practitioners should not impose their values, beliefs or social biases on their clients (Hugman, 2012). Thus, this human agency recognizes the diversity of values, cultures and beliefs of our clients, and commits to respect and honor the points of differences, in recognition of the freedom of conscious, values and beliefs for all humans. Driven by the need to offer humanitarian services to all those who are most deserving, this agency seeks to offer support, strengthen and empower its clients to overcome their vulnerability and make a positive stride towards living a respectable life, without feeling sorry or responsible for the mistakes of the past.
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National Organization for Human Services (NOHS) (2015). Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals. Available at: Read More
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