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Personal Values and Ethics, Organizations Social Responsibilities - Coursework Example

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The paper "Personal Values and Ethics, Organization’s Social Responsibilities" highlights that in order to be able to have a consistent organizational culture, an organization must have a defined mission statement and the values and ethics of the organization should conform to the mission statement of the organization…
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Personal Values and Ethics, Organizations Social Responsibilities
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Extract of sample "Personal Values and Ethics, Organizations Social Responsibilities"

Download file to see previous pages My personal mission statement is: to achieve a successful career as an ‘Emergency Medical Technician’ by following my personal ethical values and the professional ethics observed in the organization and the profession as a whole. It is apparent from my mission statement that I seek to pursue a successful career on the basis of my ethical values. I attach significant importance to the ethical values as they form the foundation for a successful career or a successful organization. Along with following my own ethical values through my career, I would also follow the ethical values observed in the profession as a whole and in the organization that I would be a part of. Ethical values hold a very important role in the success of an organization therefore in my career I would opt for organizations that hold strong ethical values and the ethical values that are appropriate in conformity with the overall profession.
My personal ethical values that would guide me as a future manager include; professional behavior, objectivity, integrity, accountability, innovativeness, cooperation, encouragement, fairness, equality, and confidentiality. Professional behavior would help me put my best efforts in my career by working sincerely. Professional behavior would also help me conduct the tasks in my professional capacity in a better way. Objectivity means having an unprejudiced opinion and not being biased while making a professional decision. As a manager, objectivity would help me make decisions that are best for the organization as a whole and I would not be influenced by any factors that may impair my objectivity. Integrity would help me conduct my job without any immoral or fraudulent acts. Accountability means being responsible for all the acts conducted in the professional capacity. Due to accountability, I would be responsible for my acts as a manager. Because of being responsible, I would try to conduct my tasks in the best way possible. Therefore, accountability may also act as a motivating factor to conduct my job in the best manner possible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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