A Reflection and Evaluation to Personal and Organizational Business Ethics - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper is both, as mentioned at the title, a reflection and evaluation of the relevant lessons learned regarding Organizational Development. The main thesis of this paper is that the imparting application of proper care ethics to individuals of any organization would create a positive avenue for positive change for the organization…
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A Reflection and Evaluation to Personal and Organizational Business Ethics
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Download file to see previous pages Corporate organizations, or any professional organization for that matter, will always have to reach a point when improvement is needed or that the need for change should be addressed. Such scenarios happen within an organization, whether minor adjustments in policies or complete organization structure overhauls, are usually necessary so that operations or activities can progress accordingly.
However, the central issue really of organizational development is all about the welfare of the individuals working within the organization, and the manner which their abilities and performance in reaching the organization’s objectives are achieved. Also taken into great consideration are the effects of the business activities to the public constituents. Many relevant issues are put into inquiry. This matter would be called as business ethics. The definition of business ethics varies greatly, but it is perhaps best described by Velazquez as “a specialized study of moral right and wrong. It concentrates on moral standards as they apply to business policies, institutions and behavior”.
As changes in the economic and social environment, how should an organization’s culture and practices deal with the nature of change? If being given the mantle of leadership the head manager of a corporate organization, how would I set the standards, vision, mission and methods needed to develop a business entity that is fair, just, and balanced between profit and principles, and also maintaining integrity? This would be elaborated further on. Before everything, I must understand what are my personal ethics and standards, and try to form them as the organization’s mission and vision as well. My personal code of ethics for this company revolves around the concept care. The concept of care is usually taken into a typically altruistic point of view. The concept of care ethics tells that “we have an obligation to exercise special care toward particular persons with whom we have valuable close relationships, particularly relations of dependency” (Velazquez, 2006, p.125). Hence, my personal principle with regard to business ethics, in both the personal and organizational aspect, is that the treatment given and practiced between everyone involved in the organization is compassion and kindness. My personal mission statement encapsulates this ideal in the form of “care and share.” As a manager, I would consider developing a mission and vision statement that would encapsulate the principled ideals that I have for the company. In having a clear mission and vision, as well as having room for flexible and achievable room to adapt along the way, individuals who are part of the company will also have a clear understanding of their purpose within the organization. Mikush and Philbin (1999) point this out precisely: In effective organizations, the vision, values and mission derive from the convictions of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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