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Cultural Values that Influence Social Work - Term Paper Example

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This paper will describe the personal beliefs that help the author in the critical and professional analysis of clients and the overall understanding of the social work practice. And also will describe personal values and beliefs that guide social work on success…
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Cultural Values that Influence Social Work
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Download file to see previous pages The above-named values and beliefs are very important in people’s assessment and relationship building in the social service sector. They help in the creation of a good environment for effective communication between the client and the practitioner. In addition, the values guide me in acknowledging the various differences that may exist between the practitioner and the client while still ensuring that the client’s needs are met fully.
      As described by Cox, Campbell, and Fulford (2007, p 31), ‘Social workers must be concerned with his or her own values, and control for inappropriate intrusion into practice situations.  This is known as value suspension’. Value suspension would be a key instrument which I would use to advise a client who would be of contrary opinion. These values also help me in the emphasis on professional ethics while dealing with clients. This enables the practitioner to be unbiased or unprejudiced against certain people (Strom-Gowried, 1999). In addition, the values help me in maintaining professional ethics as required by the social work profession.
     As described by Liard (2008, p 42), ‘Social work does not ask one to change or deny those values, but rather encourages one to be aware of them so that they do not interfere with treatment’. The personal values that the social worker should not be a barrier but act as one of the options available but should not be dictated or strongly emphasized.
      Cultural values are the traditional and socially accepted beliefs and habits (Liard, 2008, p 21). They may differ from one community to another, race to another or region to another. These differences in cultural values expose the social worker to unexpected scenarios which would have been avoided with prior knowledge. It is believed that every culture has its own values and beliefs which would be considered as taboo by other communities. The social worker should ensure that he fully understands the culture of the people or clients he is going to deal with (Norman, 1999, p 121). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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