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Do Cultural Factors Influence Consumer Decisions - Research Paper Example

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The aim of the paper is to discuss the role and impact of cultural values on consumer decisions and satisfaction, and prove the position that consumer choices are culturally determined. The paper is based on theoretical materials and analysis of controversial issues…
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Do Cultural Factors Influence Consumer Decisions
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Download file to see previous pages In the era of globalization, there is a tendency towards global products and a global consumer indifferent to cultural variations and a country of origin. Critics (Foxall et al 1998) state that mass society and globalization transform traditional tastes and preferences of consumers, and eliminates the impact of cultural factors and values on consumer decisions and satisfaction. The controversy is that there is no ideal global product appealing to all consumers in spite of their culture and social background (Chaudhuru 2006; Mariampolski, 2005). Even if people consume global products and goods, their choices and decisions are culturally and socially determined influenced by personal values and cultural traditions.
Position statement: In spite of global transformations and global market changes, consumer's satisfaction and decisions are culturally determined and influenced by cultural traditions and product preferences of a particular geographic region.
It is well-known fact that globalization transforms consumer culture and changes customers preferences. Customers just acquire associations between the use of the product and pleasant consequences, develop good feelings about the product, and develop desires for the product, and as these various effects interact in complex ways. This basic a temporal and unidirectional model linking the stimulus situation to behavior is elaborated by a consideration of the feedback effects of behavior, and the variations in the model that can occur over the product life cycle (Foxall et al 1998). Perception, cognition and persuasion, motivations and emotions are determined by the product itself and its benefits rather than the social and cultural background of a customer. For instance, such critics as Ritzer (2001) and La Feber (2002) argue that a traditional Japanese dish 'sushi' is also a part of globalization processes and cultural expansion. "McDonald's is not always enamored of this proliferation. Take the case of We Be Sushi, a San Francisco chain with a half dozen outlets" (Ritzer 13). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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