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The Simpsons - A Multicultural Product - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Simpsons - A Multicultural Product?" is about long-running television animation ‘The Simpsons’. The production has been a success and the product has been seen as a global product. The product (The Simpsons) has depicted the American culture, the way they live. …
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The Simpsons - A Multicultural Product
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Extract of sample "The Simpsons - A Multicultural Product"

Download file to see previous pages The Simpsons had become a brand and the merchandises of Simpsons were promoted. Merchandises like T-Shirts of Simpsons, mugs were sold and it gained as a brand that entered the international market and these merchandises were exported in more than 60 countries.

This was a standardized product but while it was operating in another market like the UK, the standardized items had to be modified in terms of cut off languages that were used in the program. BBC had to do this as the context used in the show was interpreted in a different manner in the UK.

The brand has globally accepted the problem of contracts in non-English countries or sectors of the country were highlighted. The focus was to have adaptability with regards to the country rather than the standardization of the product. This was the problem, particularly in the French market.

The German market was in the process of standardizing the German product. The animation of the Simpsons was in the US version but the context was in German. The subtitle technique was used for this purpose in Germany. But the brand became popular for its renowned mistakes and errors in translating and dubbing.

The US has dominated the global media market even in the tough situation of barriers prevailing to enter into certain markets. The brand has been able to identify the target market in the Middle East region. The US media production houses had seen the huge market potential and launched many programs. But the problem was US-based and had the US culture contents. The cautious cultural analysis was required and alterations were made in the context as well as the characters’ names were changed. The names of the products were also changed. To make it acceptable and successful the cultural context played a vital role.

The media industry has been growing rapidly and the US media industry had extended in the global market early even when the entry barriers were present in the global market.
The French market is a suitable example of this industry.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Simpsons - A Multicultural Product Case Study.
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