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The Roles of Parents in the Simpsons - Case Study Example

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The paper 'The Roles of Parents in the Simpsons' presents the Simpsons which is an American sitcom made by Matt Groening based on a middle-class American family. The Simpson family lives in Springfield which is a fictional town in America and it depicts American society…
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Extract of sample "The Roles of Parents in the Simpsons"

Download file to see previous pages The Simpsons portray a stereotypical role of the parents and since 1989 they have continued to adopt these roles with minor changes; despite this, the show is widely accepted culturally.
Homer Simpson, the patriarch of the family, is similar to the many American stereotypes as he is bossy, rude, clumsy, ignorant, and lazy. Generally, he is a decent man who is devoted to his family but his working-class background and responsibilities make him incompetent and lousy. He gets frustrated and takes it out on his son, Bart. On the other hand, Marge Simpson embodies the character of a typical stressed mother who takes care of all the children, the house, and even her husband. She is a devoted, caring, and responsible mother who is often seen struggling with her children and household chores.
Homer’s personality is the comic touch in the series as his bouts of laziness and stupidity are creatively brilliant. He is overweight, lazy towards his work, and has a very low level of intelligence. He is dedicated to his stomach and would probably do anything in exchange for a doughnut. Moreover, he has the tendency to engage in his hobbies immensely which include drinking, eating, and exploding in anger. He is often enraged by Bart and would strangle him often. But this is done in a cartoonish manner and he would never act as a sadist (Wigney 1).
Apart from his general personality that affects his role as a father, he has a complex relationship with all his children. With Bart, Homer would be the typical father figure that can be strict, rude, and at the same time fun and adventurous. Both of them would love to go on adventures together and sometimes also form allies. In later seasons it has also been shown that they both have respect for each other strangely. With Lisa, Homer would be a father who would overlook her talents. The girl is like her mother and is more calm and patient than Homer and Bart. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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