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It acts as an administrative boundary for the objects contained in it. It enables an administrator to manage the administrative needs of their…
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U3 Research Project
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U3 Research Project al affiliation Active Directory Domain and Organizational Unit A domain is essentially a container object that shares security policies, directory database, and trust relations with other domains. It acts as an administrative boundary for the objects contained in it. It enables an administrator to manage the administrative needs of their organization. It is used to control the points of replication of data in a forest. The main advantage of domains is that it they are partitioned, enabling organizations to control the replication of data in specific places where it is needed (Microsoft, 2014). Transitive trust between domains reduces the number of relationships that the Active Directory establishes and maintains (Simmons, 2001).
On the other hand, an Organizational Unit (OU) is also a container object. Its function is to arrange other objects in a way that supports the user’s administrative purposes. An OU organizes objects into a logical hierarchy, making it easier to find and manage. It is used when the delegation of specific administrative roles is needed. Its advantage is that it simplifies the management of objects, enabling administrators to organize Active Directory to match their organization’s needs (Microsoft, 2014).
Active Directory Forests and Trees
A domain tree comprises several domains linked together in a hierarchical style. The first domain forms the foundation of the naming structure of subsequent domains. The purpose of a domain tree is to classify interrelated objects stored in various domains into hierarchies that match an organization’s needs. Domain trees are used when an organization wants to categorize interrelated domains for easier access. It is beneficial because subsequent child domains can be added to the parent domain. Domains within a tree have a hierarchical naming style in which the child domain name is added to the parent name (Simmons, 2001).
On the other hand, a domain forest comprises several trees linked together by their root domains. It acts as the highest container in a specific Active Directory. Its function is to link several domains and domain trees to form an Active Directory. It is used when an organization wants to connect two or more domain trees, which do not share contiguous names. It is advantageous because information is only shared within one forest, increasing data security (Microsoft, 2014).
Microsoft Inc. (2014, November 19). What Are Domains and Forests? Retrieved December 21, 2014 from
Simmons, C. (2001). Active Directory Bible. Foster City, CA: IDG Books Worldwide Inc. Read More
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