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Ways of Motivating Workforce and Its Benefits to a Company - Essay Example

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 This essay focuses on changing the management system by focusing on employ motivation in an organizational environment in order to meet the business objectives. Therefore, most human resources managers are nowadays committed to creating organizational change through creating employee loyalty…
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Ways of Motivating Workforce and Its Benefits to a Company
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Extract of sample "Ways of Motivating Workforce and Its Benefits to a Company"

Download file to see previous pages Even so, in today’s working environment, many millions of employees are not motivated. Many of them face varied challenges in the workplace because of a poor management system. Others work in the poor health environment where there is lack of protective clothes, lack of adequate skills and working for long hours. Therefore, as the market gets more competitive, companies have now changed and designed job in a way that can enable the company to achieve a competitive advantage. Thesis: Although many managers rely on money as a way of motivation, there is need to create a positive working environment, develop labor force skills, and recognize the right behaviors of employees in order to increase the organization performance level. Many managers nowadays rely on money as the only means of motivating employees. However, there are varied ways through which managers can motivate employees in order to achieve a competitive business performance in the global market. One way through which managers can motivate their employees is through developing labor force skills vital for better and increased productivity. This is through offering effective training programs and recruiting employees with potential skills to perform a certain job. Cuny (2000, p. 71) asserts that successful leaders should understand the need for employees training programs and they should also recruit people with effective skills vital for performing a certain job. Career opportunities should be taken as significant as money, which employees make in the business. Thus, there is need effective training in order to develop labor force the vital skills for business benefits. Deloitte is one of the companies that are listed among the top 100 companies. This company offer and recruit employees with effective skills, as well as, have an individual development plan for meeting the needs of employees.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ways of Motivating Workforce and Its Benefits to a Company Essay - 1.
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