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Methods on muslim arrange marriages - Essay Example

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This study looks into arranged marriages, that has happened in all cultures throughout the centuries. In the twentieth century, this institution became an icon of the past in the west, because of the women’s rights movement the freeing of sexuality…
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Methods on muslim arrange marriages
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that a majority of the persons questioned disagreed with the institution of arranged marriages. Arranged marriages could possibly be a better institution of marriage because it creates stability of families and therefore better protection of children. The main problem with arranged marriages is that it devalues the equality and the role of women. In the Western world where women’s equality is paramount then this makes it a negative institution in the eyes of the West. Yet is it possible that their views are distorted by Westernized beliefs that arranged marriages are in the interests of connections and affluence, i.e. selling their daughter on the basis of gaining a better status or money? The main positive that arranged marriages do have is that they last longer, therefore promoting more stability within the family home. This is the main positive that the questionnaire and the literature bore out, whilst the main negatives are the fact that the women’s status is devalued. This is not agreed to by the older Western and Muslim generations because up until just the last 50 years arranged marriages were still present in the UK. Therefore not a wholly Muslim practice, which illustrates the current ignorance of youths today in the history and benefits of the practice. Rather, this paper would argue that the benefits and negatives have to be properly balanced and possibly and compromise be met where there a practice of bringing suitable suitors for sons and daughters together and allowing a free choice to be made. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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