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The Dominican Republic and Haiti Conflict - Essay Example

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The Dominican Republic and Haiti- two countries sharing the same island, a poor country and a poorer country. When poverty became a matter of life, the Haitians started working in the sugarcane fields of the Dominican Republic. To make things worse, dispute between the two erupted in the year 1937 and a massacre of Haitians was declared by Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo Molina…
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The Dominican Republic and Haiti Conflict
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Download file to see previous pages This is a real life incident. It is the difference people see in two countries and the unnecessary disputes occurring due to it, that has made me identify Betty's story with this novel.
Betty from America and Moody from Iran are married for a long time. They are settled in the US and they have a very young daughter, Mahtob. For some reason, Moody starts missing his family. He convinces his wife to go to Tehran to visit his family. Betty is familiar with the violence going on in Iran and she hesitates. Finally realizing her husband's desire to visit his family, she yields and makes him swear on the Koran to return in two weeks' time. Thus they set out happily to Iran.
Betty only receives an unwelcoming welcome from Moody's family. The moment she sets her foot in Iran she is demanded to adapt to an Iranian style of dressing. She is asked to wear the black veil and for accidentally exposing her hair on the forehead she nearly gets arrested. The days of long suffering begin for Betty. She finds the ways and means of Moody's family rather unpleasant. She realizes that they are unhappy about Moody being Americanized. Her husband's family turns out to be fanatically devout Muslims. The only thing that kept her moving was the thought of getting back to the US in the scheduled time.
Towards the end of
Towards the end of the planned vacation, Moody declares that they are not going back. He explains he got fired from his job for being a Muslim. Since it is hard to find a job again in the US, he plans to find one in Iran itself. Betty is alarmed. She tries to convince him to go back to Iran and that she does not want Mahtob to grow up in Iran. They end up in an argument. He beats her up and takes custody of her money, credit card and identity card and prisons her in her sister-in-law's house.
Betty tries to get the help of her mother and gets information about an embassy contract. Under suspicion, Moody cuts all the telephone connections. Somehow, she sneaks out of the house to the Swiss Embassy to find methods to leave home. There she learns that getting married to Moody has made her an Iranian citizen. The only way to get back to the US is to be done with his permission. Getting a divorce helps, but only Betty shall be allowed to leave and Moody will get the custody of the kid.
Moody's suspicion grow day by day. Betty is put under the scrutiny of his unsympathetic relatives all the time. When her plans to run away seem a distant dream she starts to play the role of an obedient devout Muslim wife. She attends Koran classes, learns to speak Iranian language. They celebrate Mahtob's birthday. When it is time for her to start school, Mahtob is enrolled in a Muslim school. Betty is given the opportunity to accompany her daughter to school. At her Koran classes she finds an American woman and befriends her. With her help Betty tries to mail a letter. But she ends up beaten by her husband for helping Betty secretly. The contact ends there.
Moody slowly loosens the grip. He trusts her to visit the market. There she finds a man who is a part of the underground network that helps American women who are held hostages by husbands, to leave to their nation. The various processes go on. Meanwhile Betty's father falls sick and when she demands to visit him, Moody arranges a ticket for her. However, Mahtob is not allowed to go with her. He also demands her to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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