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On Peter Jennings 4000-Year History of Jerusalem and Roots of Conflict in Holy Land - Assignment Example

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The "On Peter Jennings’ 4000-Year History of Jerusalem and Roots of Conflict in Holy Land" paper identifies whether the video gives the viewer accurate historical feedback on the significance of Jerusalem to Jews, Christian, and Muslims and describes the role of religion in the Middle East politics…
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On Peter Jennings 4000-Year History of Jerusalem and Roots of Conflict in Holy Land
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Extract of sample "On Peter Jennings 4000-Year History of Jerusalem and Roots of Conflict in Holy Land"

Download file to see previous pages In my view, the video has stressed the subjective rather than the objective. Yet, this is understandable because the training of a journalist is more on presenting a journal of events based on testimonies or claims and not on validating a claim. Journalists are trained on how to present the facts from the point of view of actors in the event. They have less training on the use of historical documents or how history can be used to analyze an issue.

Of course, it does not require a historian to be able to analyze historical data but Jennings’ approach on the matter is more of a journal writer or video documentary presenter rather than a person-oriented in analyzing the problem of Jerusalem, Israel, and Palestine. One of the most interesting and important significances of the Peter Jennings video documentary is that that issue of Jerusalem, Israel, and Palestine is reported from the perspective of contending interest groups in Palestine: Muslims, Jews, and Christians (especially from the perspective of Christian Catholics). That the video documentary was able to present at least three sides of the issue is by itself is an important achievement because both documentaries and news in the western world tend to report from the perspective of the Jews in the Palestinian conflict and history. News and documentaries in the western world tend to report from the perspective of the Jews because they align themselves with Israel in the Palestinian conflict. Of course, it is also likely that the Muslim world has a bias of its own.

We must remember that using the data of the Israel Foreign Ministry itself, the state of Israel was non-existent prior to its creation in 1947 (see the rest of my discussion for this number for additional details). Only 33 countries of the world out of a total of about 100 plus countries voted for the creation of the State of Israel in 1947.  Those who voted for United Nations Resolution 181 the State of Israel in 1947 were Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Byelorussian S.S.R., Canada, Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Denmark. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(On Peter Jennings 4000-Year History of Jerusalem and Roots of Conflic Assignment, n.d.)
On Peter Jennings 4000-Year History of Jerusalem and Roots of Conflic Assignment.
(On Peter Jennings 4000-Year History of Jerusalem and Roots of Conflic Assignment)
On Peter Jennings 4000-Year History of Jerusalem and Roots of Conflic Assignment.
“On Peter Jennings 4000-Year History of Jerusalem and Roots of Conflic Assignment”.
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