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Low context culture of America - Essay Example

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This paper is about a particular American artifact or belief and its comparison with other countries. Artifacts are defined as tangible signs of the culture. The artifacts are common in culture and give the culture a sense of identification. The artifacts can be historical as well as recent…
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Low context culture of America
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Extract of sample "Low context culture of America"

Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses that the USA has become the most influential state on the face of the earth for the last few decades. It has enjoyed the position of the strongest economy and attracted people from all nooks and corners of the world for employment. American citizenship is a dream for middle class of almost all societies. USA is the most lucrative name when it comes to lifestyle. It is increasingly becoming international because of two main reasons. People from all over the world are migrating to USA. They all have various values, belief and cultures as well. Their stay at the new place forces them to adopt the new lifestyle. The society is affected by their views as well. The blend of native values and the imported culture is making USA more and more diverse in its behaviours and culture. Also, because of a strong economy, USA enjoys strong political position in international forums. With these two strengths, it becomes the platform where rest of the countries discuss their issues for solutions. Because of increased cooperation with the powerful nations and influence in the developing nations, USA is successful in absorbing others in it. So accordingly, these two points pave the way for dynamism at all levels in the country. Yet, it is important to mention that USA is not diluting its culture in the imported cultures. It is rather giving birth to an international culture in which all the people find room for themselves and rigidity for traditions is over. Having a considerable population of foreigners in various states of USA, its culture has overall become a blend of all cultures. Likewise, this characteristic of American culture which gives room for all others to adjust makes it a low context culture. It is a low context culture because of the presence of highly diverse population who have different perceptions, viewpoints, lifestyles, choices, family and educational backgrounds, social systems, religions etc (Kennedy and Everest, 191). It is impossible to unite all of them under the same attitudes hence the culture has reduced its contextual rigidity and gives all of them the freedom of speech and action. The formality is replaced by informal ways which bring convenience for people to adjust. People working in low context culture need to talk clearly and pass instructions without any misunderstandings (Treven, Sonja, MatjazMulej and Lynn, 108). On the other hand in high context culture, people expect their converser to know what the message of the communication was, without being specifically told (Beer). Great importance is placed on decorum, ambience, manner of delivery and the relative status of the participants in the communication (Goman). America is a low context culture, mainly because of the variety of different cultures and nationality of people residing there. With so many people from such diverse cultural differences, the message needs to be clear, thorough and precise to be understood by all. That will be the only way to communicate effectively in the workplace (Huckins, 73). This paper is about a particular American artifact or belief and its comparison with other countries. Artifacts are defined as tangible signs of the culture (Saunders & Skinner, 14). The artifacts are common in culture and give the culture a sense of identification. The artifacts can be historical as well as recent. Among historical artifacts, there are numerous archaeological patterns and architectural styles that help identify the particular culture. For example, the sign of triangle reflects Pentagon. Artifacts can be seen in various aspects of life like household items, office fixtures, technological tools, scientific instruments, medical instruments, farm tools, calculators etc. There is an artifact known as American eagle. The paper discusses the various ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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