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The researcher will describe the experience and what you will be learned about yourself as a result if you will be involved in making a micro-blog movie. The author believed the process of making a micro-blog movie can help to learn about casting, editing, and cinematography…
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Application for a Film School
I have been involved in making a micro-blog movie. I played the role of a Programme assistant and the casting director. I do not hail from a film background but I had the urge to know more about film casting. Having bought an advanced video camera with superb editing software, I was eager and excited to make an entertaining movie. I believed the process of making a micro-blog movie would help me to learn about casting, editing, and cinematography. I was ready to learn and hence welcome and listened to all professional advice that came my way. I encountered numerous obstacles in making the micro-blog movie. It was challenging to get the right actors and best shooting locations, there were power fluctuations, and I struggled to organize the scenes. However, I worked very hard to complete the micro-blog movie in almost 2 weeks. Luckily, my camera operator had immense experience in this field and helped me a lot to capture the best shots. Indeed, I enjoyed the shooting process very much as I experienced new shooting tricks. I organized my crew well and maximized the available time. However, I underestimated the huge editing work and collaborated with my crew to make a clear, organized, and focused movie. I spent my nights editing the movie. I appreciated the contributions of the entire crew in making the movie. Ultimately, I was pleased with the final copy though I am certain I can do better in the future. I passed the micro-blog movie to a professional casting director who made few recommendations. From this experience, I learned that I am a good team leader, quick learner, and a good time manager. I also learned that I have immense interest in film production that I should pursue to a higher level. Read More
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The Role of Programme Assistant and Casting Director Essay.
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