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The Concept of Integration and Community Cohesion - Assignment Example

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The paper begins with the thesis that the concept of integrating individuals into a community and building cohesion is one which carries several complexities. While there is an outlook to create community cohesion, the integrated problems often create barriers to building a complete community. …
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The Concept of Integration and Community Cohesion
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Extract of sample "The Concept of Integration and Community Cohesion"

Download file to see previous pages The social groups are defined specifically by the thought processes that individuals relate to.  However, these social groups then have difficulty in building a presence within other areas while having a consistent set of boundaries with community building that has opposing ideas or beliefs within the community.  Political roles carry several dimensions of behaviors that alter the way in which one integrates or separates into the community. This comes from the basis of opposition or acceptance of the governmental policies which are intertwined within a community. Social groups which support a specific understanding and passion toward a political role will often form into a belief and value system, while other social groups that oppose this will create boundaries that are based on the political roles. This is what forms the acceptance or rejection of specific policies, actions and the formation of social groups in the community. The boundaries lead to limitations that are within social groups for interaction and integration that are a part of the community. As policies are created, individuals will divide or change their outlook within the community. Political roles are important to note not only because of the way in which social groups from around values and beliefs. More important, there is an experience and set of values that are now created in terms of community cohesion. However, these are opposed to or accepted by various groups, making the integration into communities limited by the beliefs in which one carries. The politics of cohesion are also based on other policies that the government has initialized and which create a sense of separation, such as education, income, demographic expectations and other considerations within the community. The political roles then become based on lifestyle which one has and the way that this is linked to the political agenda which is currently in practice(Elwood, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Concept of Integration and Community Cohesion Assignment.
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