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Course assignement - - Essay Example

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A critical analysis of the operations of two humanitarian organisations namely Hungeraid and Feedaid operating in an impoverished district of Somalia called Reza reveals that there are several lessons that can be drawn from this scenario as far as humanitarian assistance is…
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Course assignement -
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Download file to see previous pages In view of the above information pertaining to the operations of humanitarian aid organisations, it can be noted from the given case study that Reza District is located in the Horn of Africa in Somalia and is severely affected by famine as a result of long lasting conflict where 12 million people are affected and in need of humanitarian aid. The area is characterised by high mortality rate and the children are the most affected since they are severely malnourished. It is against this background that the two organisations namely Hungeraid and Feedaid underscored to take the initiative to offer humanitarian assistance to the district of Reza and both agencies arrived on the 1st August on OCHA charter with the aim of offering supplementary feeding to the vulnerable and needy children. However, a close analysis of the cases involving the two organisation reveals that Hungeraid does not achieve its goal fully as a result of different obstacles it encountered during it distribution exercise. Enlightening lessons from the two cases can be drawn in order to give recommendations to the management of Hungeraid as a way of trying to minimise the recurrence of similar disturbances.
In order to ensure accountability in as far as humanitarian assistance to poverty stricken areas is concerned, there is every need for community involvement at all levels in order to avoid confusion as well as conflict among the intended beneficiaries.
From the onset, it can be noted that Hungeraid quickly started their food distribution exercise on the very first day without taking into consideration other logistics such as compilation of the register and verification of the register. Unlike Hungeraid, the Feedaid organisation dedicated its time to verification of the register of the intended beneficiaries and this was done in consultation with the local leadership as a way of ensuring transparency and credibility. It can be noted that Hungeraid encountered its first problem ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Course Assignement - Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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