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For Operations Management course - Assignment Example

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Different companies have their way of organizing production in order to meet organization expectations and also satisfy its customers. In this case, Blue Marlin Company may use batch…
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Assignment for Operations Management course
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Extract of sample "For Operations Management course"

Assignment for Operations Management Operations Management The Blue Marlin Company is a company that produces baseball caps for use in different functions. Different companies have their way of organizing production in order to meet organization expectations and also satisfy its customers. In this case, Blue Marlin Company may use batch process. In a clear understanding, the company must produce caps and stored until when customers requires them. In such a situation, the best production process applicable is batch manufacturing process. Instead of manufacturing things that may not serve clients when needed, the company should produce caps in batch and store until when the customers need them. With batch manufacturing process, a specific process is designed for the product where it has to go through all stages on by one. Since producing caps undergoes several steps, batch method would be suitable simply because caps must finish production in one stage before the next one. Batch production is suitable when producing similar things. It reduces the time required to change machine or materials in producing things. The suitable production process for the company would be batch production (Schroeder 254).
Customers are friends of restaurant simply because they must visit the place in order to have something. Mom’s kitchen restaurant offers a limited menu to customers on a daily basis. In order to retain its customers, Mom’s restaurant has to change its menu slightly. It is the work of the restaurant to ensure that customers have been satisfied. In producing all foods in the right manner and time, job production process is one suitable for the restaurant. Job or single product process is suitable when producing items that have a different style of production. Production of different things run parallel and production of one does not interfere with the production of the other. A team of small people with different skills work towards realizing goals of the company. The reason why job production process suits companies such as the restaurant is because they enable production match the customer’s needs. Customers feel satisfied something that allows him or her return for more services next time. I would ensure that all items of the day are produced parallel in order to ensure they are ready by the time. Customers in a restaurant have different tastes and specifications that may prevent the company from early production. Job production process helps customers give their specifications and in return get their desired services (Schroeder 354).
Commonly, Six Sigma theory have been used in the process of reducing risk and cost in the manufacturing process. Evidence suggests that six sigma principles can be used in the process of giving loans to customers. The most salient thing in giving loans to customers is reducing the risk of payment as well as increasing their level of trustworthy. Evidence suggests that, with the use of lean manufacturing and six sigma principles, the bank will determine the risk percentage of customers. In determining and reducing risk and cost associated in production of loans, the bank may use six sigma principles and lean manufacturing concept to improve loan portfolio performance of customers. This will help the company decide the right and suitable candidate for the loan (Schroeder 211).
Work cited
Schroeder, G. R. Operations Management: Contemporary Concepts and Cases: McGraw- Hill/Irwin. 5th e. 2010 Read More
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Assignment for Operations Management Course Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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