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The writer of this essay discusses that an individual comes across many occurrences in his life but a few incidents tend to leave a great impact on an individual and help him grow. John’s life, as well as his education, could have been saved if his parents had realized their responsibility…
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A Life Changing Experience
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A Life Changing Experience
An individual comes across many occurrences in his life but a few incidents tend to leave a great impact on an individual and help him grow. When I was a young child, I used to go out to play with my friend who lived in our neighbourhood. He was a very sweet and harmless young boy and we spent good times together. But things did not remain the same because his personal life left a great impact on his present and his future.
John had a very disturbed family life. His father was an alcoholic and he used to beat John’s mother regularly. To cope with the stress, his mother had started taking drugs as well. This had greatly impacted his life and he was neglected by his parents who were always busy quarrelling. There were days when we would be playing outside in his garden and we could hear his parents fighting inside. He used to become embarrassed and never said a word. This disturbance continued and John dropped out of school. He started acting weird and I found out that he had become an addict as well. There was no coming back for him and he befriended other addicts like him. We lost contact after we moved out of the area but I learnt later that he had become a part of street gangs.
John’s life as well as his education could have been saved if his parents had realized their responsibility. He could have grown into a better person if he had been provided a proper living environment. This experience of friendship taught me a lesson that addiction can destroy the life of a person. An addict not only affects his own health and life but also the life of his loved ones. Read More
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A Life Changing Experience Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 11.
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