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Writing is an important thing within and without the academic setting. In the academic world, writing forms an important basis of teaching, learning, and understanding the various factors that make up a given course. Outside the academic environment, writing plays a key role at a personal and/or commercial level. …
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Writing is an important thing
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Essay Writing is an important thing within and without the academic setting. In the academic world, writing forms an important basis of teaching, learning, and understanding the various factors that make up a given course. Outside the academic environment, writing plays a key role at a personal and/or commercial level. As a writer, there are many different lessons that come with the practice of writing.
At a personal level, I have learnt that writing is as important to other subjects as it is in English. In other words, writing cuts across many different subjects, and English included. What this means is that writing is not limited to the study of English as a subject. Instead, writing helps students achieve goals and objectives related to other subjects within and without the teaching and learning environment.
As a writer, I have come to understand that writing is not as easy as it appears. Writing can be as simple as one could think, or as complex as it could ever get. On the same note, forms of writing are many and different. For this reason, the experiences of a writer are broad in terms of scope, and these experiences show one’s creativity and imagination in writing. Personally, when I joined this class I did not know what defines a well-written essay. With the free writing assignment, however, I learnt proper essay writing through getting information, organizing the content, and targeting the intended audience.
When writing, it is important to capture the intended main idea. Through free writing, I have learnt how to identify the main ideas from a given piece of writing. Main ideas give meaning to any written piece. On the same note, the style and strategy of presenting written work matters as far as the audience is concerned. In this respect, I have learnt to address major factors that improve the quality of writing. In so doing, I have become a more competent writer.
Over and above improving the quality of writing, I have understood synthesizing, comparing, and contrasting information and/or content of written work. In the process, I have become a writer who thinks outside the box when presented with a piece of information and/or text. This increases my understanding of the writer’s point of view, as well as my approach to a given topic especially when I am the actual writer. Moreover, I am in a better position to write and argue my point of view without mixing up issues or confusing the audience.
Without a doubt, this course has made me an analytical, creative, and imaginative writer. Over and above brainstorming on a given aspect of writing, I have gained skills that diversify my personal approach to writing. By taking this course, I have improved my spoken and written communication skills. Free writing has not only come in handy in the English subject, but also in every other aspect of my academic and personal life. In light of this course, I am more equipped and competent as a writer. Read More
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Writing Is an Important Thing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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