The Problem of Ridicule When Entering a New Educational Institution - Essay Example

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The essay highlights the issues which students with bad knowledge of the language face when entering a new educational establishment. "The Problem of Ridicule When Entering a New Educational Institution" looks into the story of a student with such a problem and how he tried to solve it…
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The Problem of Ridicule When Entering a New Educational Institution
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Download file to see previous pages The United States is noted for being a globally diverse country and accepting of cultural diversity as it assimilates into their own culture. However, the way I was being treated and what I saw in the actions of my classmates turned out to be the exact opposite of this idealistic dream. I was not treated with respect at all considering that I was a new foreign student at their school. Later on, I realized that I was being ridiculed precisely because of that. I was a foreign student who could not express myself in English fluently. I came from another country whose culture and traditions these students did not understand nor respect.
My family has always valued the importance of a good education. We have always emphasized reading, comprehension, and writing skills in our learning activities due to its importance in our daily lives and interaction with people. As far back as I can remember, I have always been interested in learning about anything and everything that I could see, hear, or feel. During my educational lifetime, I have met many teachers whose influence on my learning abilities have varied from positive to negative. I have had teachers who influenced and encouraged me to learn as much as I could about certain things, and I had teachers whose strictness and unfriendliness caused me to retreat from learning about certain things altogether. I believe a lot of people have the experience of ridicule at some point in their lives by people who could negatively affect their learning process. People judge and stereotype others based upon their education, property, race, and looks, making it difficult for them to control their words and deeds. My parents had been ridiculed during their time as well but they learned from those people who judged them or made fun of them. What my father taught me was that a high educational background does not mean you have everything, people will still judge you on the smallest and most immaterial reasons and concepts. However, people can know more about me from my writing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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