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How I Saved a Life - Essay Example

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The schools had closed and I had to go back home for the long vacation. Bidding my new friend Ed bye was hard because we had grown fond of each other. This was one kind hearted person who selflessly helped me settle down in the new school environment…
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How I Saved a Life
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Download file to see previous pages The American countryside experience was quite interesting and calm. Unlike the city which was flocked with people, Colorado had sparse population. There were a lot of old houses that we encountered as we drove off the highway and into a paved spur and finally to a washboard that led us to Ed’s home. The fresh smell of countryside welcomed us home as cows mooed and horses neighed. Our vacation had just begun. Hardly had we finished taking tea that we were out as Ed was dying to show me around. Joining us was one of Ed’s friends who schooled in the countryside and had come to welcome Ed home. The young girl was lovely and we got along quite easily.
As we were strolling round the fields, I could not help but appreciate the beautiful scenery of the old structures together with the green environment. While everything seemed fine, the unexpected happened. I had a quick yell which fast disappeared into the ground. On turning back, I could not see the young girl. By that time, Ed was running towards the source of the scream. I quickly followed him and true to our fears, Ed’s friend was trapped in a pit. The pit was dark and had stems and roots of various plants running deep inside. We could only hear echoes of the girl’s cries from the top of the pit. Confused and scared, we stared at each other not knowing what to do with darkness quickly setting in.Ed was particularly scared because of what I came to realize later was fear of losing the friend having lost a cousin in the pit some years back through a similar experience ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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