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Is it Fair for Universities to Consider Race or Ethnicity as a Factor in Admission - Essay Example

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The author answers the question is it fair for universities to consider race or ethnicity as a factor in admission. The author states that race debates bring bias and prejudice to the fore within colleges, thus committing to a feeling of being left out from gaining admission on the part of the students…
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Is it Fair for Universities to Consider Race or Ethnicity as a Factor in Admission
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Extract of sample "Is it Fair for Universities to Consider Race or Ethnicity as a Factor in Admission"

Download file to see previous pages The utilitarianism point of view and John Rawls’ perspective has been touched upon here to give an incisive look at the topic at hand. Race and ethnicity debates bring bias and prejudice to the fore within college and universities, thus committing to an unfair agenda and a feeling of being left out from gaining admission on the part of the students.
One would seem to agree with the premise that race and ethnicity talks bring more negativity within the equation and are bound to pose a serious problem than anything else. This is because race and ethnicity marginally divide the people, which is an area of concern as it does not treat people on the same footing as they should be in day to day lives. It makes them feel inferior, which is not the task of a college or a university before it grants admission to the ones who are applying within its realms. Merit must always remain supreme and there cannot be any divided opinions under such a dictum.
It is true that race and ethnicity bring about a general bias within the discussions of the students, and hence it would be better to understand that such colleges and universities would not be able to impart the kind of education that is remarked as a hallmark of them. One would agree that this is unfair because one cannot disallow students from gaining education based on their race and ethnicity tangents. This is a heinous act which needs to be condemned as much as possible. It will make students feel bad with regards to their race and ethnic settings and ask them to protest against the college and university realms. From the utilitarianism theory, it can be deduced that properly providing each and every student the right to secure admission is a normative activity and thus should be exercised in essence. It will maximize happiness and reduce the racial and ethnic divide which has been getting the importance unnecessarily over the years. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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