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An Interactive Technique in Instructional Strategy - Assignment Example

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The writer of this essay "An Interactive Technique in Instructional Strategy" describes Interactive Portable Document Form (PDF), which will assist students in conducting their research. Students make use of the internet when conducting research on their respective topics…
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An Interactive Technique in Instructional Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages I incorporated an interactive technique in my instructional strategy as this was the best method of noting what students actually need. An interactive strategy helps in getting first-hand information from the people concerned with the endeavor (Hardy, 2002). The timeline of the program will run throughout the research period. Each course is scheduled to meet three days a week for one week. Class time will be approximately two hours.
The learners of this program are both the students and their respective lecturers. They need to have knowledge in using a computer, as well as researching on the internet. This will ensure that constraints are limited and will ease the process (Hardy, 2002). A lecturer should be willing to assist his/her students at all cost. This takes into consideration using the internet. Students will be considered if they cannot assess the internet. They will be allowed to use the institution’s WiFi in order to carry out their research.
They type of learning that will take place, as stated earlier, is an interactive learning. Students and their lecturers will be able to send the survey or questionnaire to users. They will also receive completed PDF forms from other users. Group activities will serve a purpose by permitting participants to assist each other to learn during the course (Hardy, 2002). This is the greatest way of understanding/learning as it will allow people to be open to one another.
The aim/goal of this program is to allow students to assist one another as they carry out their research. A student, for instance, might need the assistance of in completing a research paper given to him/her by their respective lecturers (Hardy, 2002). This will widen up the student's knowledge by getting information from other regarding the research topic.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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