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My Experience of Volunteer at Various Organizations - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay considers the experience of work in volunteer organizations such as: “Books for Inmates” that helps provide educational reading materials to prison inmates; “American Safety” where he worked with the owner and operator named Debbie…
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My Experience of Volunteer at Various Organizations
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Extract of sample "My Experience of Volunteer at Various Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages Once I had collected enough books, I would pack these up in delivery boxes and send it out to the various prisons that are affiliated with our organization. I would also take the time to write letters to the inmates who were directly involved with the book program.
I was almost like an unofficial librarian in a way since I had to match certain book types with certain inmates. This was one of the most rewarding activities in the volunteer program because I would receive letters from the inmates who were so happy to be beneficiaries of our program. Since some of them had no family or friends, the books that we sent them helped lighten their lonely mood. We volunteer in effect, became a part of their extended family in the outside world just because of the simple act of kindness that we did for them. I personally received letters from those inmates who wanted to spend their time in prison or in jail productively. They would ask me to find books that would truly widen their horizon and challenge their minds. Books like those specializing in Spanish, medicine, math, English, and other educational reading material. I was more than happy to help them find those books and get it to them. It made me feel like by doing this type of volunteer job with the organization, I was truly making an impact in the inmate's lives and helping them to see that they had a future outside of prison if they wanted to.
My other volunteer job was at the Melbourne Animal Shelter. The South Animal Care shelter to be precise helped keep the cats and dogs in a presentable manner for possible adoption. My job was to make sure the animals were bathed, their cages cleaned, and most importantly, I made sure that these animals were given their daily exercise by taking them for leisurely walks.
It saddened me that I this animal shelter was a kill shelter. Meaning the animals that did not get adopted would be out to sleep. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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