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The Topic of Writing: the Creativity and Imagination - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes writing about the topic that interests me. It is a terrific opportunity to express myself and improve my artistic work. I am expecting to come out of this class with a lot of know-how on writing and also with a lot of knowledge about my chosen topic of writing…
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The Topic of Writing: the Creativity and Imagination
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Extract of sample "The Topic of Writing: the Creativity and Imagination"

Download file to see previous pages One of the major difficulties that I face in my Capstone course is time management, as a finalist student, I am experiencing some hard time in trying to manage my time well and find enough time to research extensively on my topic on interest. I can not also write as fast as I am required to do since I am using English as a second language. Making a plan to do research on my chosen topic will tremendously help me to acquire the material I need for my research but this is being hindered by my school schedule since I have to juggle and attend several other classes, I also have to do other research in other courses. This is, therefore, creating so little time for my capstone course. If I had to get a chance to do capstone without much pressure, I can perform much better and thus make this course an impressive achievement to my life hence add value to my studies. I become a slow writer when I am faced in dealing with several projects at a time. This becomes even worse when the number of projects is doubled hence creating a jam in my time table. I find it to be exceedingly difficult to concentrate and write one project at a time when I am swamped with several projects. Hence, I will panic and lose control of my time management schedule and this will make me perform poorly in my projects. The amount of time that I take in researching about one research topic and then get the tangible research material that I find able to write down also cost me a vast deal of my time. This makes me forget that I have got other projects to write about hence; it consumes my time doing one project instead of all other projects. I have to look for extra time to fix my capstone class. This is because I have been extremely busy trying to reduce my work log and hence it has made life a bit difficult for me. Child labor is the act of employing underage children to do chores and jobs that precede their ages. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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