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Language and Creativity the Art of Everyday Talk - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment "Language and Creativity the Art of Everyday Talk" comments on the power of language. According to the text, the creation of the written word is an act that requires the writer to reach into his skills and produce a communication that clearly relates his or her ideas. …
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Language and Creativity the Art of Everyday Talk
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Extract of sample "Language and Creativity the Art of Everyday Talk"

Download file to see previous pages Simply looking at the skills of rhetoric allows for an understanding of how the relationship within a sentence is created affects the way in which the communication is perceived. Texts such as instructional manuals, explanatory blurbs, and packaging labels, all require creativity in order to convey their information in a cohesive and clear manner. Without the use of creative writing within the most mundane projects, the reader would not be able to clearly follow the communication between the writer and the reader.
Creativity in writing is an act that extends beyond the individual writer. Grainger, Goouch, and Lambirth (2005) quote Robinson as explaining the nature of creativity as being a social act. Creativity, as it is explained, is not something that is solely within the purview of the individual, but is a reaction to the interactions within the world. Through contact with others, ideas and inspiration are found, making the experience a cultural phenomenon. The act of creativity involves risk and experimentation, putting into whatever type of creation is involved the unique perception of the creator. The atmosphere, if only in the mind of the creator, must be conducive to taking those risks allowing for a systematic strategy in order to encourage creativity to erupt from within the writer (3).
Creativity in writing is easily found in fiction. Books fill the shelves of libraries and stores in which the creativity of the writer bursts forward from the pages and clearly expresses the imagination of the writer. According to Phillips, Linington, and Penman (1998), “Writing is a means of evoking positive memories and of enabling the production of something valuable from the imagination, which can provoke appreciation from other group members” (p. 13). For many writers, the imaginative flow into created universes is how the creativity of the writing expresses what the writer needs to emote. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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