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Analysis the Effects of Globalization in Life - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay analyses the effects of globalization in his life. Globalization in an individual is displayed by the change of behaviors, attitude and another personality trait. A global citizen is one who is widely traveled across the globe or possesses extensive knowledge…
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Analysis the Effects of Globalization in Life
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Extract of sample "Analysis the Effects of Globalization in Life"

Download file to see previous pages Throughout the academic semester, for example, I have been able to learn numerous things which have enriched my life immensely. Though some occurred subconsciously, others were instigated by the class assignments I undertook.
The English class has offered me numerous opportunities to improve my life through the learning experience. The exchange of materials written by myself and others has profoundly enhanced my perspective of sharing. Sharing can be used as a way of analyzing oneself to find the strengths and weaknesses that exist. Finding the weaknesses in oneself can be an extremely difficult task to achieve. Through the criticism, and comments of other people on can be able to analyze himself or herself in a very objective manner. Objectivity in analyzing oneself reduces the probability of becoming paranoid. Critical analysis of oneself can make an individual substantially appreciate the positive and negative comments made by others concerning one's personality or activity. Throughout the semester, I have been exchanging my articles with other students so that they can present to me their views on the articles. The criticisms I received from my colleagues have been essential in developing my writing ability. New ideas have come to my attention through the reviews offered by friends concerning my writing.
I have also been able to offer my reviews of others’ style of writing. Through reading their articles, I have been able to get their line of thoughts. This has helped develop my own ability to generate ideas presented in articles I normally write. While interviewing one of my friends called Gideon Park, I came across an intriguing issue which he raised. He believed that structures for essays limited the ideas and creativity of a writer. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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