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Open Art Surgery The dilemma of the administrator - Essay Example

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This paper shall discuss the thesis that “Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody”. This short statement by famous Dutch painter and abstract artist Piet Mondrian is just what the “doctor” ordered for the lesser souls like us…
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Open Art Surgery The dilemma of the administrator
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"Open Art Surgery The dilemma of the administrator"

Download file to see previous pages This research tells that when the “experts” describe a painting, you can hear words of this kind of abandon which are mostly out of the common man’s range of understanding. For example, an expert may observe a certain painting and say something like “this painting portrays a journey of the psyche that transcends the eternity within the confines of your soul” and listening to this the artists and their managers may nod their heads in agreement. For those outside this wonderland, however, these words will sound hollow and will go right over their heads. There, exists a need for the art to be interpreted without the usual expert jingo and clichéd usages and phrases. But since the 1980s the art trade has blossomed one of the most profitable activities for the rich and famous. It’s much like a new company going public in the stock market. “When a “priceless” work of art gets a price tag, the haggling, bluffing and profiteering begin.” The players descend from around the globe with highly solvent accumulated wealth that will move hands in just a few minutes. Never before has art been such a commodity as it is today. “The worlds top galleries and auction houses are turning record profits: in February 2007, London did 590 million euros in business with auctions of artwork in just five days”. The differences between managing Arts and managing Business - Can art be managed like a business? The answer lies in the fact that though there is a severe pressure from the new community in the art sector that of the businessmen and the speculators to deal with an artwork as a piece of the good real estate or blue-chip stock, there is still hope of retaining some of the uniqueness that art is credited with. Like Dewitt Jones declares in his article Creativity makes a difference, “Art is creative; business is practical. Art is frivolous; business is serious. Art is to be indulged in only when all the "important stuff' is done; business is the "important stuff." ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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