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The purpose of this essay is to compare two dissimilar friends with each other by using the point-by-point method. Accordingly, different features, such as personality, looks and interests of my two friends will be compared. To ensure a certain degree of anonymity in this essay, the real names of my friends will not be providedю…
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Point-by-point method: Comparison of two dissimilar friends
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Point-by-point method: Comparison of two dissimilar friends The purpose of this essay is to compare two dissimilar friends with each other by using the point-by-point method. Accordingly, different features, such as personality, looks and interests of my two friends will be compared. To ensure a certain degree of anonymity in this essay, the real names of my friends will not be provided; instead I am going to use the following fake names: Tom and John.
Tom and John are both very good friends of mine; however, they are very different in many ways. Tom is very tall, skinny and has blond hair, whereas John is rather small. Moreover, he is a little chubby and has very dark hair. In addition, Tom wears glasses and John does not have to wear glasses, because he has perfect vision.
Both Tom and John like sports, however, they do not like the same sports. Tom likes various ball sports. He watches Basketball and Football Games and he plays Basketball in a team and at home. John on the other hand does not watch or play ball sports; instead, he is interested in swimming. Actually, John does not only watch swimming, he is a pretty good swimmer himself, because he swims at least once a week.
With regard to their musical abilities, Tom and John are very different. For example, Tom plays two instruments: the guitar and the piano. Moreover, he is also a very good singer, because he often sings, when he is playing the guitar. In contrast, John cannot play any instruments and has never shown any interest in learning to play an instrument. In addition, he is not a good singer, but he is very good at whistling.
Another difference between Tom and John is that Tom does not have a pet, because he is allergic. John is not allergic and he has a dog. His dog is a two-year old Golden Retriever, named Charlie. John takes very good care of Charlie: he walks the dog every day and plays with him. The two are basically inseparable.
John and Tom are also very dissimilar as regards their family situations: Tom does not have any siblings, as he is an only child, while John is the oldest four children. He has three siblings: two sisters and one brother. Due to the size of their families, Tom has its own room, while John is sharing a room with his younger brother.
Another feature that distinguishes Tom from John is the kind of movies and literature that they like. Tom almost exclusively watches adventure movies and does not read very much. John prefers to watch other movies than adventure movies. In fact, he likes funny movies. Although he likes funny movies, he reads a lot of books about various topics. The books he reads are not necessarily only funny books, he also likes other books, such as crime, thriller and mystery books.
Tom and John have dissimilar eating habits. Tom’s family is vegetarian, so he is a vegetarian as well. John on the other hand is not a vegetarian; in fact his entire family is not vegetarian. Moreover, John actually really likes meat; his favorite dish is Spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs.
Finally, Tom and John both have a good sense of humor and both make me laugh frequently, however they do not have the same humor. Tom is excellent at telling jokes; he always tells jokes and he often has new jokes to tell. John on the other hand is not a very good joke teller; he usually forgets important parts of the story, so the joke is not funny. However, John is very good at situational humor and he always comes up quickly with funny remarks on the spot. Read More
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