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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Experiments of Living Societal acceptance for experiments of living means that it allows people to elect how they live their lives. In this case, society offers encouragement for diverse types of religious worship, organization of the family, artistic expressions, and testing every variable of an individual’s life that is conceivable…
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Download file to see previous pages From this latter perspective, a woman with no children and based on her religious beliefs does not seek medical care for herself, her family, or friends is causing harm by not seeking medical advice, although her act of not having children should be allowed. Mill offers several reasons why experiments of living should be allowed. He offers the infallibility argument, in which he contends that society, as it is, is not perfect and the only manner in which society can move forward is by allowing for experiments of life (Gray 52). Natural selection and the forces that drive it need change to occur if they are to work. The selective process would only allow the production of happiness. Whereby, if there is a greater population of people living happily under a particular method, this method will spread to other areas. Since a specific way of life could be an improvement on the way people live; no way of life should be forbidden or suppressed (Gray 52). In the case of a woman with no children refusing medical help for anyone, her life cannot bring any happiness and, as such, cannot spread. This way of life will not improve anyone’s life, including hers. ...
Ways of life that are flawed, rendering them undesirable as the common rule, rather than being the exception, do possess merits and valuable ideas. Ideas that can benefit society can only be achieved when society allows practical testing and trial of these ways of life (Gray 54). Therefore, even disagreeable living experiments like that of this woman should be allowed in the case of not bearing children. This partly true argument can be furthered through the contention that even a way of life that has no tangible benefits for anyone involved must be allowed. This is because it will act as a highlight to the benefits of other ways of life (Gray 55). Only when society tries out a way of life in reality that it can be judged to have no merit. Hence, it acts as evidence of the manner in which its guiding principles work practically. For example, the woman who refuses medical care for everyone may be suggestive of life that is permanently full of divine grace and hope, which is a perfect aim to work for. An experiment of living like this one offers vivid evidence that the goal it aims for is flawed. John Mill also argues that the fact that the human race is made of diverse groups and cultures, is proof that society should encourage diverse modes of living. All persons possess different characters and, therefore, all persons have diverse ways of life, which are best for them. In John Mill’s words, “The same mode of life is a healthy excitement to one, keeping all his faculties of action and enjoyment in their best order, while to another it is a distracting burden which suspends or crushes all internal life” (Mill 44). Where there is an attempt to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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See the Attach File Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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