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Introductions are usually long, winding statement of what the paper is all about. For a change, a simple scenario has been presented. Not for any other purpose but to invite the readers to reflect deeply on the issue at hand.
Claudius Galen was a second century physiologist, philosopher and writer…
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Experiments on Animals
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Download file to see previous pages Although he discovered vivisection, some of his anatomical assertions were inaccurate with respect to humans (http://campus.udayton.eduhuume/Galen/galen/htm).
Since vivisection's discovery, experimentation using animals is a huge, never-ending debate. It has always been what it was pictured in the first page, a stand off. Medical advancement is equated to animal abuse. Animal right is then equated to human fatality. But is this the case Is the world standing at the tip of a knife
This paper is aimed to answer three (3) questions: One: Is animal experimentation a violation of animal rights Two: Is there a direct conflict between animal rights and medical advancement And three: What should hold weight then, in the balance beam presented in the first page
A trial and error practice was used in the early civilization to test whether the animals, plants, fruits and vegetables they gathered were safe for consumption. The actual number of fatality can not be determined in the absence of recorded information but nonetheless, it would be noteworthy to know, how many people died in the attempt to survive.
There were no concrete regulations as how to handle food and drugs (medicine and narcotics); the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 have limited itself to the correct labeling of food and drugs being sold out in the market. "Habit-forming drugs such as cocaine were not illegal as long as they were labeled properly (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pure_Food_and_Drug_Act)". This 1906 Act paved the way to the founding of the Food and Drug Administration in America. Incongruous at may be, this 'regulatory' body was in full operation until the Harrison Act of 1914, where the first attempts to eradicate excessive use of narcotic drugs was made. Still, there was no concrete way of regulating food and medicines in the market. As long as it was properly labeled, the effectiveness to its claim was left unquestioned. In 1937, The "Elixir Sulfanilamide disaster" paved way for pre-market safety testing law. As a backgrounder, S.E. Massengil Company, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, conducted a research of sulfanilamide using diethylene Sulfanilamide (DEG); it was called 'elixir sulfanilamide', has an 'anti-freeze' quality, which was poisonous to human. Harold Watkins, the company's chief chemist, added raspberry flavoring to the sulfa drug, using the DEG as a solvent. The company marketed the product during September and October 1937 this drug was responsible for the deaths of more than 100 people in 15 states, as far east as Virginia and as far west as California (http://www.fda.gov/oc/history/elixir.html). It did not undergo any safety testing. No more than one month ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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