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Entrance for Cardiology Technologist Program - Essay Example

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 The writer of this essay describes gaining admission into the cardiology technologist program is not just aspiration but also an ultimate goal. The main motivation is the fact that he can be of help to people who are in the most fragile health conditions due to a failing heart. …
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Entrance for Cardiology Technologist Program
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Extract of sample "Entrance for Cardiology Technologist Program"

Download file to see previous pages At that instant, I realized that I wanted to do something in the medical field. Though I explored various possible fields of study in the medical profession, it did not take me long enough to conclude that cardiology is the one course I would not just be happy in, but would also be able to give it my best, both in terms of output and responsibility. Working in this field would not only bring me satisfaction in life but will also enable me in creating a better life for my daughter and me.
Achievements: I have been raising a daughter on my own for the past fourteen years. In spite of being out of school for twenty-three years with an education of only up to grade 9, I was able to pass G.E.D tests and the entrance exam for this course too. Over the past seventeen years, I have successfully worked with mentally and physically disabled children and adults through foster care. I have learned how to change feeding buttons and perform a colostomy. I have cared for many different people at home on a daily basis, all of whom were physically and mentally challenged. I believe that the experience in handling and caring for people that I have gained over the years will go a long way in helping me develop the sensibilities and tactical expertise required for becoming an exceptionally good cardiology technologist.
Personal and professional goals: Through this program, I will be able to achieve a higher education in the field of my choice, make new accomplishments and develop into a more robust and responsible individual. I will be able to live a healthier lifestyle and earn money substantially. Through this, I will be able to chart out a better life for my daughter and afford her university education. I will be able to meet new and insightful people, share ideas and experiences with them, and endeavor into new avenues that were impossible for me to traverse before.
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