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The writer of this essay tells about influenced by the professional skill and expertise of Dr.Silverstein who allowed to observe various procedures in dentistry and taught how to interact with patients.Currently, his job is to supervise coworkers and manage numerous accounts…
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School History
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School History
I was influenced from my early years by the professional skill and expertise of Dr.Silverstein who allowed me to observe various procedures in dentistry and taught me how to interact with patients. I intend to schedule second session with Dr. Silverstein in the coming September. I hope to watch more of his work this time and to learn from them.
I had opportunities to participate in many activities with the Golden Key International Honor Society, which is an organization of international scholars that offers various internships.
I am a member of Biology Society, which has consists of those who have deep interest in biology and medical science. As a part of the society, I have organized and participated in meetings with health organizations to learn more about human anatomy and other biological issues.
My strong interest in economics led me to become a member of Economics and Finance Society of Rutgers, which is an organization, offers many seminars with executives from recognizable corporations such as JP Morgan.
The American Student Dental Association for pre-dental and dental students has helped me immensely to prepare for the dental school.
I am also a part of the Pre Health Society which works closely with Biology Society and arrange meetings among medical and dental students to help us excel in our careers.
Being a member of Student Doctors Society, which consists of medical and pre-medical students, I was able to participate in programmes in which we could exchange information about experiences within medical field.
I worked as a sales representative in a telecommunication industry and learned to interact with various kinds of people.
I worked as a floor director at Korean Broadcasting System. My job was to support PD. It is one of the most important positions to keep productions flow.
I have also worked for Japan Camera Repair, which required me to have highly skilled hand eye coordination as it dealt with many minute components of cameras.
I will woke as a tutor to teach biology students at Rutgers University and hope to get chances to interact more with professors and students through learning and teaching.
I am currently working as a vice president at U.N.B.S. My job is to supervise coworkers and manage numerous accounts. Read More
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