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Are There Grants for People Pursuing International Affairs Program - Assignment Example

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The current paper highlights that the grants for international affairs program students are there in the industry but in a limited number. The basic problem is that the grants are normally given to the people who are pursuing degrees in the field of science management and medicines…
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Are There Grants for People Pursuing International Affairs Program
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Extract of sample "Are There Grants for People Pursuing International Affairs Program"

Download file to see previous pages An extensively details form is required to be filled in by the applicant with supporting original documents. These things are sent to the committee that examines the form look for the merit of the candidate and offer him or her scholarship if they find it appropriate (Full Bright, 2005). An extensively details form is required to be filled in by the applicant with supporting original documents. These things are sent to the committee that examines the form look for the merit of the candidate and offer him or her scholarship if they find it appropriate (Full Bright, 2005).  “To establish an institute for international public policy. This institute shall conduct a program to significantly increase the numbers of African Americans and other underrepresented minorities in the international service (Higher Education Act, 2003)”. But this grant is not directed towards the students rather they are given to the institutes and then students can contact those institutes for the scholar ships programs. So with an extensive search for the grants available to International relations program students, it is seen that the scholarships are more offered to the institutions than to the individuals perhaps due to the reason that International Relations has not been accepted as a field of study that can help develop nation and take it to higher places in literal meanings.  The Bush School aims ate delivering the students with the knowledge and insight on global affairs with which they can improve the lives of people around the world. “The end of the Cold War, the acceleration of globalization, and aggressive worldwide terrorism all indicate the momentous changes that have expanded and transformed national and international public service opportunities (Bush School, 2005)”. The description of the program at Bush School is as follows: The program is spread on a span of 21 months. It comprises of a total of 48 credit hours. Six courses that are required to be taken up by all students are offered with electives courses as per their will of specialization. They also require each student to go through concentration modules which are temporary associations with International economic development, defense policy and military affairs, regional studies and many others. The fee to follow this program is about 13800 dollars per year (two semester’s fee + other expenses). So it makes a total of 26000 dollars for two years of the program.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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