Is the world more or less stable after the end the cold war - Essay Example

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Both the Eastern and Western blocs maintained a state of tension for decades before the Cold War ended early 1990s. Amid increased tension between the two blocs, large-scale physical or…
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Is the world more or less stable after the end the cold war
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Download file to see previous pages Particularly, both Russia and United States broke underlying war tensions that they suffered for over four decades. Shortly after World War II, the Cold War became inevitable as both Eastern and Western blocs expressed their bid to become superpowers. Massive investments in this respect crippled social, economic, and political developments around the world. As a result, rival countries focused on their enemies at the expense of the local population.
After the Cold War, concerns and interests for local populations heightened. An economically crippled Russia had to strategize on social and economic growth as financial crisis loomed in the country. On the other hand, United States and her NATO allies mobilized resources for both domestic and international progress. These domestic interests and subsequent bids for global economic and political transformation changed international relations in diverse and dynamic ways.
An end to the Cold War came with the dissolution of the Soviet Union (Hogan, 1992). This marked the start of a long process of diplomatic relationships among global countries. For the United States, it was time to influence global political developments as the only standing superpower. To do this, United States installed military alliances and posted troops in different countries around the world. In so doing, United States pushed for a more stable world in the post-Cold War era.
The presence of U.S military in foreign states carried no war-like threats or intimidation. Rather, foreign nations welcomed the move because it favoured global peace and coherence. Critical to note, however, is that such a move was not expected to be plausible to every state that hosted U.S military personnel. The successful installation of military alliances and posting of military personnel in foreign countries was not without challenges. Amid critical underlying challenges, the presence of U.S troops around the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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