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International Affairs - Essay Example

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The underprivileged area of education, when it comes to funding by grant makers, International affairs studies is perhaps not in the good books of funding organizations and still seeks consideration from these philanthropists. The grants for international affairs program students are there in the industry but in a limited number…
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International Affairs
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Download file to see previous pages Now when universities will not include international affairs program in their offered courses, how come grant makers would realize the need of funding in this area. That's why when we try to search universities offering postgraduate education in International affairs program; we mostly find public universities offering programs in this area.
The second thing is that the grants are normally given to the people who are pursuing degrees in the field of science management and medicines since according to their perception they contribute directly to the development and well being of the country. There is not much realization among funding individuals and organization that international affairs programs hold key importance when it comes to serving country and people with the knowledge.
But still there are some scholarships and funding programs which are open to almost all kind of studies and so for International Affairs program too such as FulBright scholarship program awarded by FulBright US. But they require some limitation for serving period after the completion of program. "An extensively details form is required to be filled in by the applicant with supporting original documents. These things are sent to the committee that examines the form look for the merit of the candidate and offer him or her scholarship if they find it appropriate" (FulBright, 2005).
"Our goal is to establish an institute for international public policy. This institute shall conduct a program to significantly increase the numbers of African Americans and other under represented minorities in the international service" (Higher Education Act, 2003). But this grant is not directed towards the students rather they are given to the institutes and then students can contact those institutes for the scholar ships programs.
Rotary International is another organization which has considerations towards this area and is offering tremendous support in the form of scholarships and fellowships to international affairs students. They are also offering their own developed programs for studies in this area such as Rotary Peace and Conflict Resolution Program. "Located in seven leading universities around the world, Rotary Centers provide Fellows the chance to study in a master's level program in conflict resolution, peace studies, international relations, and other related disciplines" (Rotary, 2005).
World Affair Council is also offering programs in International studies, both short term and long term, in partnerships with universities as well as self developed program. Their associations with United Nations' organizations enable them to offer program and scholarships students and professionals from all over the world (World Affairs Council, 2003).
NAFSA, the association of international educators also provides grants, scholarships and training programs with the help of their member individuals and universities in the field of International studies. Along with that they also provide complete information and guidance in providing the students with the knowledge how to get a scholarship and grant available for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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