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Career Research Paper - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Career Exploration: Conductor of Symphony Orchestra Among the occupations, that I regard highly is that of performers in symphony orchestra. I have always admired how the performers are able to combine sounds from the different musical instruments to bring out the sweet music…
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Career Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The conductor is the most important person in an orchestra even when they do not play any instrument at all. The most basic job for a conductor is to indicate to other members of the orchestra the beat of the music they should be playing at. The conductor does this using a long stick called a baton, which assist the conductor make the desired beat as clear as possible. As the song goes on, the conductor’s role is to move the baton towards several imaginary points indicating the beat in the bar the orchestra is currently playing. A conductor communicates with the other musicians verbally during rehearsal while during performance, different movements, gestures, and facial expressions indicate the conductor’s requirements (Wittry 61). The conductors work does not end with indicating the kind of beat the music should be played. The conductor has other roles in the orchestra such as the rehearsal and preparation of the orchestra for performance. The conductor also makes interpretative decisions concerning some aspects of the performance that includes whether some passages should be fast, smooth, slow, soft, aggressive, or loud. Further, the conductor in an orchestra knows the best way for all the players to play their instruments efficiently in addition to creating mood, atmosphere, and interpretation, which matches the conductor’s vision of the performed piece. Although in reality the conductor does not play any of the instruments during the performance, the orchestra as a whole is the conductor’s instrument (Mick 9). The compensation and working conditions in symphony orchestra is also attractive due to the potential it has for a stable career in addition to excellent job security, salary and other benefits. Douglas Yeo claims, “The base scale pay for performers in American cities such as Boston, New York, Chicago, Cleveland, and Philadelphia is roughly $2000 a week on the lower scale”. Performers of these orchestras are offered up to ten weeks paid holiday, sick leave, full dental and medical insurance coverage in addition to entitlement to pension after a thirty-year career. A performer cannot be dismissed before determination by an arbitration panel, which is usually composed of peer members of the orchestra. Just like any other career taking symphony orchestra as an occupation whether as a player or a conductor has its challenges as seen from news about bankruptcy, strikes and lose of conductors (Eatock 273). A good salary and satisfied life in music notwithstanding, many artists in symphony orchestra become cynical and jaded since the profession does not recognize individuals but the whole group as a whole. For one to be satisfied with life in this industry one has to appreciate achievements made as a group and not to seek individual recognition. Yeo particularly singles out mandatory deductions made by unions claiming it can have negative influence that goes past the average 3% per week work dues deducted from a player’s income. Activism in the union is sometimes frustrating where players are denied the chance to make their own decisions by forcing them abide by those made by the union. However, happiness is an individual choice; one can decide whether to focus on the positive or negative aspects of a career in symphony orchestra. The other challenging aspect of a career as a conductor of symphony orchestra is the demanding nature of the work. There is a need for players to be in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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