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Vocational on a career - lawyer - Research Paper Example

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A Profession refers to the type of job specialty individual pursues. It can be medicine, law, education, fashion, music or engineering amongst other related professions pursued by individuals…
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Vocational research paper on a career - lawyer
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Extract of sample "Vocational on a career - lawyer"

Vocational research paper on a career - lawyer Introduction A career is a profession chosen by individuals as a source of earning a livelihood. A Profession refers to the type of job specialty individual pursues. It can be medicine, law, education, fashion, music or engineering amongst other related professions pursued by individuals globally. A lawyer is a professional representing lawsuits for clients and also offering legal right advises in various legal matters. This essay aptly examines the training, education requirement, study mode, salaries, personalities and demand of people in the law profession.
Type of Training:
A lawyer must accomplish three or four years of studies to earn a certificate based on the majors taken. The certificate is called pre-law degree. The training is available at universities or law schools. An individual practicing to be a lawyer must pass through the Bar examination, ethics examination and graduate from a law school (The Lawyers Almanac 2011: The Leading Reference of Vital Facts and Figures about the Legal Profession 301).
Education Requirement:
Education requirement for practicing lawyers is set by each school and normally the fees charged for the training ranges from & $150,000 to over $200, 000. In addition, the entry in the bar examination depends on each state’s bar association.
Length of Study:
The duration taken to study law differ in countries and law schools. An example is that, in the UK, it is: The LLB is 3 years, and the LLM is one year course. Conversely, in the US: A J.D. will take three years to complete after you have spent four years completing a bachelors degree (Walton 95).
There are different kinds of lawyers amongst them judicial clerks being paid an average of $54,000, Prosecutors $35,000 to $90,000, public defender $35,000 to $57,000, and federal government lawyer $ 62, 467 as of 2012(The Authoritative Guide Careers for the Year 2000 and Beyond: Everything You Need to Know to Find the Right Career 118).
Prominent People in That Profession:
Law as a profession also has various prominent personalities who act as a role model to aspiring lawyers to be. They are Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Fidel Castro, Dick Button and Jeffrey Chodorow (Basu 192).
Demand of People in That Profession:
Demand of people in the profession of law is rather disturbing since most law schools are producing an excess of graduates lawyers. These lawyers are not proportionated with the available employment opportunities available in the nation and the result is unemployment for most graduates lawyers and decreased pay as there are many lawyers available in the market (Occupational Outlook Handbook 256).
In conclusion, law is a extremely essential profession since it is required in all fields. The fields may include management, sciences amongst others. The demand for lawyers through overpopulated currently, will still be in demand as lawyers will always be required by every profession and individuals for legal purposes. The importance of law can not be underestimated as it is eminent from the prominent personalities who are its products that law plays a significant role within the society.
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