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Person Who Made an Impact in My Life - Essay Example

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 The writer of this essay discusses the question about a person who made an impact in his life. The person who made this indelible impression to him is his uncle. The people around me are good role models that motivated me to dream and to strive to make those dreams a realization…
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Person Who Made an Impact in My Life
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Download file to see previous pages He had also lived a moral life, that his integrity is beyond reproach. He is also a very good family man. He has a wife who loves him and whom he loves back, with children who equally loves and respects him and are also motivated to excel in their chosen fields of endeavors. This is the reason why I kept on pushing myself to do better in school and to study different fields of endeavor because I know that to do good in my chosen career, I have to prepare myself well through a good and multi-disciplined education. As a student, my uncle was a scholar and had different degrees. His academic preparation enabled him to excel in his chosen career. I am doing the same thing today. I am trying my best to do well in school and to expose myself in the different field of studies to make myself a well-rounded professional when I have graduated later and embarked on a professional career. I consider myself lucky because I realize this lesson early in my life. I know that all this hard work, all this perseverance that I am exerting will pay off when I graduated in school because this will prepare me well to excel in my chosen field of endeavor. I am hoping that when I have already graduated in school, I will be successful like him both in my professional and personal life. Essay B: The Recent Financial Crisis (issue of importance to me) When I ask what recent issue I consider important that has significance to me, my family and the community at large, I cannot help but talk about the recent financial crisis. The crisis made the lives of a lot of people difficult. There were people I know personally who lost their jobs and their homes, and young as I am, I felt how desperate the situation was. Perhaps the recent financial difficulty that everybody experienced during the recent crisis made the young people in this generation to mature early. We began to worry about our future and this country when we only used to think about ourselves. Suddenly, we were thinking about political issues and responsibilities because we saw how some families disintegrate with the crisis and cannot help to wonder how the crisis happened. People of my age became aware and realized how vulnerable our country to crisis. When we begin to think like that, perhaps it is safe to surmise that we matured early. Personally, the recent financial crisis sparked my curiosity to inquire about what caused the crisis that made people lost their jobs and their homes. I was dismayed to know that the root cause of the financial crisis was the greed of a few people that eventually took the toll in our economy. I will no longer discuss the details of the root cause of the crisis so as not to consume space in this paper but suffice to say that had the financial professionals been ethical in their practice and considered beyond themselves, the crisis would not have happened. In a way, my inquiry on what caused the recent financial crisis had taught me how important it is to be ethical in our professional practice because a profession’s collective misdemeanor will have an impact not only in their respective industry but also on the economy as a whole. I learned that the lack of ethics in ones professional practice will make people distrustful not only in our industry but also in our economic system as a whole.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Person Who Made an Impact in My Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Person Who Made an Impact in My Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Person Who Made an Impact in My Life Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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