A Transfer to the University of California in Economics - Personal Statement Example

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The aim of this essay is to seek a transfer to the University of California in Economics. The writer has a keen interest in Economics and plans to choose it as major because it is closely related to the standard of living. Economics is a social science that deals with the behavior of mankind…
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A Transfer to the University of California in Economics
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Economics doesn’t only teach to make the distinction between better choice rotating around only investments and interest rates, it gives ideas about how a person can perk up his/her living standard. I appreciate that if we understand knowledge of economics it better gives an idea of where to invest and what good a person can do with his/her money (Wessels). Moreover, Economics not just deals with monopoly, economic growth, and pollution etc., it is also related to personal problems such as wages, the cost of living, taxes, and employment. It deals with current vital problems of the society. The content of Economics is complementary to many other fields. Students enrolled in Economics major are not just restricted to Economics; they can choose other subjects as a minor along with Economics. Students have successfully combine Economics with other diverse fields such as Psychology, Journalism, Political Science, and many more. An economic option opens future options to students. I may gain expertise for my career in Educational Administration, Finance, and Banking or Politics. My interest in Economics also developed due to my father’s occupation. He is an admirable man who works for the China Council for the promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) at the position of Vice Inspector. My father’s way of working and dealing with different issues prudently shows his uniqueness and good logic sense. Through his unique visions, I learned a lot from him. He always shared his vast knowledge of Economics with me, which developed my curiosity and concern to know more about Economics. Fortunately, in 2010, I acquire a chance to work at China Council for the Promotion of International Trade as an internee during my semester break. During my internship, I got to learn much more new aspects of Economics and how it is related to the promotion of international trade. I learned how to work practically and wisely under pressure and how important is the need to ensure precision of work. My internship was a great inspiring experience to me in my 20 years life. My involvement in Economics taught me that knowledge is the strength, especially after knowing about Economics I am able to make my life better and I am sure I will raise my living standard based on right choice. As well as, I can also make others benefit from my knowledge and job. In my case, after doing major in Economics I can help my father in making better decisions for the promotion of international trade. My urge for major in Economics deepens my faith that I should make my knowledge of Economics more refined and sophisticated through hard work and further study. I believe that this will prepare me to face tough challenges and to serve others. To promote China’s international trade at the highest is my biggest dream. The factors that I have mentioned make me believe that I can fulfill my dream by getting admission in University of California and major in Economics is perfect for me. At UC, I will have the chance to gain broad and deepen knowledge of Economics through studying its different courses that UC offers. The campus activities and volunteer programs will build my capabilities and skills of being a person that would be helpful and beneficial for others in society. I believe that my strive and hardworking will develop a successful career for me in the future. Read More
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