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A paper "The Space Shuttle Challenger" claims that in just after 73 seconds of its launch, much-publicized project explodes is just a rib cracker. It is interesting to imagine the amusement the designers had and the shock in their faces when their idea did not live their dream…
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The Space Shuttle Challenger
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The Space Shuttle Challenger
The space ship challenger is so far the most thought provoking issue discussed in class. As much as the thought and the incidence could sound interesting, it is probably a controversial incidence to have occurred to the scientists behind the idea and the public in general. In just after 73 seconds of its launch, the much publicised project explodes, is just a rib cracker. It is interesting to imagine the amusement the designers had and the shock in their faces when their idea did not live to their dream.
However, putting aside the humorous part of it, people perished. Seven occupants died innocently in the incidence that occurred on 28th January 1986. That was tragic, putting accountability and integrity of the designers into question. The scientists, having been warned of the danger that lay in wait if they opted to carry on with the launch questions their credibility and concern for humanity. It was evident that they cared little about the safety of the crew, and their anxiety to make headlines for launching the much talked about space shuttle.
There had been early warnings of the dangers that lay ahead if the idea was carried out. The space shuttle had structural failures, with an expert raising a rather worrying alarm concern. The O-rings of the shuttle could only survive temperatures at only 40 degrees. Any temperatures below that, safety and survival of the shuttle was not guaranteed. On the morning of the launch, the temperatures were as low as 18 degrees. The expert termed the idea of launching the shuttle on such a day as absurd and ridiculous. It was bound to explode anyway. This raises a rather disturbing question, why the ignorance by the scientists? Why were they so eager to launch the shuttle?
The incidence calls for personal accountability of all parties involved in success of any project. Every party ought to play its part in the project, making sure that nothing goes wrong during the whole project. Team spirit is portrayed by this incidence, where it is the responsibility of every member in the group to play their individual roles for the success of the project. If there is no proper articulation of ideas and thoughts, if there are flaws in one section of the implementing group, the project is likely to be a total failure, just like the space shuttle incidence.
The importance of other team players exhibiting accountability and diligence in their work is a clear indication of their readiness to protect the end user of the product in question. The ignorance of the designers cost the lives of seven people, who would possibly have made an impact in the history of America. Severe punishment should have been instigated on the careless managers of the project.
From this incidence, it is clear that decision making process plays a major role in the success of a particular project. Organizational culture determines the nature of decisions the company has to undertake. Poor communication between the management of the company and the staff can result into misinformed decisions by the management.
Personally, this incidence teaches me quite a lot in relation to accountability and responsibility of my own actions. The importance of proper decision making at personal level is very essential to a person. Of much importance, the decisions taken should put into consideration the safety of other parties, both involved in the project and the general public.
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