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The Most Accurate & Convenient College GPA Calculator

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The Most Convenient GPA Calculator for College

A GPA score is one of the major concerns of a large percentage of students. After all, it can supply crucial information for when your candidacy is considered for scholarships, financial aid, or college or university admission.

The school won’t tell you your GPA until the end of the semester when it’s too late to take measures. And measures are to be taken! That’s why we have created this GPA calculator for college. No need to wait until the end of the semester to know your score! At any given moment you can:

  • Calculate your GPA based on the grades you have already received
  • Make a prediction of your GPA based on the grades you are likely to receive during the semester
  • Decide which classes you can go easy on and which you have to absolutely ace to get the GPA you need

The calculations are made online and in a matter of seconds. A good college GPA means a closely monitored one, so don’t miss this chance to keep an eye on your progress.

How to calculate college GPA

The calculating literally takes seconds with our college GPA calculator, which differs significantly from how educationalestablishments do it.

How do colleges calculate GPA?

To calculate your GPA, a person responsible for such calculations would do the following:

  1. Make a list of your grades received in every class
  2. Use a 4.0 scale to convert your letter grades into numeric values, where A stands for 4.0 and F stands for 0.0
  3. Add up these converted numbers
  4. Add up all the credit hours attempted
  5. Divide the sum of the grades by the number of credit hours

How to calculate college GPA using this tool?

  1. Specify the number of credits for each course you’ve taken (or are going to take)
  2. Specify the grade you have received for this course (or are going to receive)
  3. Click on “Calculate”
  4. Get the result calculated automatically

As you can see, the time savings are obvious!

Calculating a cumulative GPA

Besides a GPA calculated within every semester, a cumulative GPA (CGPA) shouldn’t be forgotten as well. A cumulative or overall GPA is nothing else but an average of grades received in all the courses you have taken (or are planning to take).

Whenever you need to get the cumulative value, you have to take the same steps as when using the college semester GPA calculator, but add all the classes that you have taken in a term longer than a semester. And voila – you have your cumulative GPA!

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The most frequently asked questions

Is it accurate?

Some colleges use a more specific scale to convert letter grades into numbers. However, our calculator uses the most frequently used scale. Even if your college uses a different one, the difference is negligible, and you will get a very close approximation of your score.

What does it cost?

Nothing! Our tool is absolutely free, no matter whether you are a high school graduate, the last year college student, or just a person interested in the academic system of grading.

Will I be able to calculate my college GPA before I complete the course?

Of course! In fact, a lot of our users choose to get the prediction of their GPA score to know where to apply more effort and where to take a breather.

What if I am a high school student?

For high school students, we have a slightly different calculator that takes into account the peculiarities of this particular measuremen

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