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Six feet project 2 - Assignment Example

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Nadine, a South African writer, expounds the aspect of discrimination and oppression of the apartheid system by narrating a story of a non-permitted black immigrant’s missing body. The story is a self-narration by a white farmer’s husband, who happens to collude with his…
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Six feet project 2
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Download file to see previous pages The disputes aren’t explained as indication that they could be minor. She only highlights natural urban calamities such as noise and insecurity, as the possible reasons of the immigration; “we have no burglar bars, no guns” (1320). By the virtue that Nadine does not mention any permit requirements for this migration, the whites are represented as having a bit of freedom.
The blacks are the victims of oppression and are highly maltreated. Petrus’ family is displayed as generally poor, he works in a farm, his brother; the illegal immigrant is unemployed and his father feels better off by inheriting an old suit. Moreover, unlike the whites, they ought to acquire a permit to move, regardless of the reason behind. The author uses the white farmer’s humility to her workers to portray the authority’s callousness. Lerice, takes care of his workers children (1320), she presses her husband to impress Petrus despite having illegally accommodated his brother (1324); hence making him look stupid in the eyes of the soldiers. The conclusion does not show any fairness, since Petrus, lost his money, does not his body back but at least his father gets a white man’s suit portraying some equality.
Apartheid is a cruel system that puts blacks in an oppressed position, both the kind whites and the blacks are aware of this but the authority has to maintain the system to protect the minority whites.
Charter, the narrator is no different from other whites, thinking that he has better management but views the blacks as poor and non-human. He despises their effort and unity to retrieve their brother’s dead body: upon receiving the £20 contribution he says “I took it in irritation…, useless sacrifice by people so poor”
Effects of racism killed Petrus’ brother. After death, the Apartheid system does not sympathize with the family. His body is buried without family involvement and later the authorities play fraud; take the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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