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Compare and contrast, country lover(Gordimer) The welcome table(Alice Walker) - Essay Example

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Compare and Contrast, Nadine Gordimer, Alice Walker Name Tutor Institution Subject Code Introduction Race: Racism has existed throughout human history. It may be described as the hatred of one person by another or the impression that he or she is less than human for the reason that their skin color, language, traditions, religious conviction, origin or any item that by all accounts reveals the essential nature of that person…
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Compare and contrast, country lover(Gordimer) The welcome table(Alice Walker)
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast, country lover(Gordimer) The welcome table(Alice Walker)"

Download file to see previous pages Racial separatism on the other hand is the impression, usually based on racism that different races ought to keep isolated from one another. This is plainly seen in Gordimer’s ‘Country Lovers’ which revolves around two lovers; an interracial couple not allowed being together by the ruling of South Africa during apartheid. In as much as interracial couples face complexities all over the world, specific situations considering apartheid had serious problems for Paulus and Thebedi. The interracial couple in ‘Country Lovers’ is aware of the risks of being together but wish to get involved yet with Paulus as a member of the white ruling class while Thebedi an unfortunate and defenseless black. Alice Walker’s ‘Welcome Table’ alternatively is centered on black women who want to escape and be freed but are deprived of that freedom by the society they live in and by their spouses. Black men are exposed negatively and are seen to be the oppressors of black women. In the two stories, the writers talk about racism and discrimination of some kind. Thesis statement Both writers clearly show the sufferings experienced by the black women and how they lived in fear during those specific periods. Racism is not a typically shown in both of these stories, but the two writers approach the issue from slightly different perspectives. As a result, both stories present and hit brutalities and hypocrisy of racism but in extremely different ways and with remarkably different emotional effects. Analysis ‘Country Lovers’ by Nadine Gordimer and Walker’s ‘The Welcome Table’ both condemn racism and illustrate tragic typical outcome. Nevertheless, the stories fluctuate to some time not only in the circumstance within which every story was written, but also the manner by which they are written and general emotional impact it creates on the reader. Gordimer’s story was written in South Africa under the evil apartheid government that used command and power tools to propel extreme conditions of living on all blacks in South Africa even as they protect educational, economic prospects and assets as a limited privilege of the South African whites. As Bloom puts it “The segregation laws stated that blacks and whites were to be separated, but equal. In reality the equality between races did not exist. For instance, educational institutions for blacks were usually underfunded” (Bloom, page 43-45). However, during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950’s and 1960’s black people became more involved and dared to stand up for equal rights and ask the questions they did not ask in 1927 (Bloom, page 132).Without doubt, this form of immorality since 1950 is well interrelated to a perceptive of Gordimer’s story as the sexual relations between communities of diverse races an unlawful act at the time. On the other hand, Walker’s story is set in United States during the post civil rights era, but Walker worries herself with the rural African –Americans who have not been able to enjoy the freedoms put on by the civil rights movement and who are predestined to life overseen by the legacy of slavery. In both stories hypocrisy of racism is revealed. In Walker’s ‘Welcome Table’, we find that the name itself is ironic for the reason that the African-American old woman, dreamy and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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