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Racial Discrimination In The Welcome Table by Alice Walker & Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer - Research Paper Example

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The paper throws light on the poem “The Welcome Table” by Alice Walker and also the story “Country Lovers” by Nadine Gordimer as perfect exhibitions of art which portray animosity and discrimination with regard to ethnic and racial boundaries…
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Racial Discrimination In The Welcome Table by Alice Walker & Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer
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Extract of sample "Racial Discrimination In The Welcome Table by Alice Walker & Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer"

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The paper tells that Native Americans have been the target of devious and repugnant acts during the past few centuries and not the slightest of chances were missed to oppress them. Numerous pieces of artwork have been presented, time and time again and passed onto coming generations, which have talked about racial discrimination. Both, the poem and story, reflect a time which stretches back to the biggest divide of people when there was immense racial and ethical segregation and apartheid and what the oppressed people had to experience. They project the intensity of the suppression and injustice enforced upon a particular group and that such differences were stimulated by a racist society rooting to cast, creed, religion, marriage and education which fueled further partition and develop dichotomy. The color of skin acted as a ticket to supremacy and benevolence for the white, whereas the same was the ticket to oppression, suppression, disgust, disgrace and abuse for the black people. The black people were looked down upon as the peasants or a socially abandoned cluster. White people held importance, respect and an upper hand without any particular justification whereas all the sins and immorality were reserved for the blacks who got treated in the meanest way possible. Whatever that was performed by a white got symbolized as pride of a human whereas anything that a black did was considered disgusting and was labeled as the sick of the society. It all widened the social gap and created rifts
. (Walker, Spohn, & DeLone, 2007) Amidst all sorts of discrimination, there existed gender discrimination too. This further tormented the black women of society. Being a black woman came down as a curse upon humans, as women were the biggest sufferers of the American society. Firstly they suffered through the tortures of racial discrimination which was followed by gender discrimination as they were thought of as the weak and destitute. This tyranny made their lives even more miserable. They were tortured, both physically and mentally, and were forced to do servile work so that their suffering could mount much more. They were considered as the last and the most weak people down the discriminated and the oppression hierarchy. (Walker, Spohn, & DeLone, 2007) Anybody who tried to stand against or question the tyranny brought down upon the black people, was executed and served as an example for other blacks to remain cautious and to remain the lower class they were granted. There were an extremely large number of families who were persecuted, excruciated and killed. Moreover, this savageness and inhumanity was persistent until black people started realizing their rights and liberty which was a result of the liberation movements, lead by efficacious, influential and dominant personalities and leaders proving to be the beacon of hope and equality. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King are great examples of being the pioneers of equality and justice for black people. They inspired people to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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